Battle of the Bulge History article

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    To start this new forum off, I’m going to point to Imperious Leader’s history article about the Battle of the Bulge.

    Here is the link to the article …

    Now, dscuss.

  • nice thread!

  • Wooooow!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!

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  • Are we only allowed to discuss WWII- topics?

  • for now yes. If you play fair it will open to other things after a few months.

  • “for now yes. If you play fair it will open to other things after a few months.”


  • well… start a thread… what you waiting for … you began this thing?

  • @Imperious:

    for now yes. If you play fair it will open to other things after a few months.

    I have a question. i want to post something but i’m not not sure if i should put it in here ( as i nstart a new threas) or put it in the does france suck thread. its about france in 1940 and the batle of the bulge. in which how the germans giong though the same forest  took both armies completly by surpise.

  • It can only go here… anything about ww2 goes here.

  • @Imperious:

    It can only go here… anything about ww2 goes here.

    just wondering because alot of wwii stuff was gion into the france thread and i have a feeling this is going to turn into frence sucks and america is the best. thanks for the answer.

  • It can only go here… anything about ww2 goes here.

    Cyan: I dont see how you can make such an extrapolation from the above words… :| The French thread is not ww2 History. The Soviets won WW2 and everybody else helped out, but the Soviets shed the lions share of blood.

  • :-o
      The Soviets shed more blood due to the fact they had the most men and women in combat! Everyone shed blood, as much as it took to get the job done. We are still shedding it in the Middle East to keep insane men away from our homes. That is why we fight wars. What mesmerises us in this brutality is how we go about butchering one another in the name of National pride, or the Flag or the Diety or whatever floats their boats, ( Helen of Troy, actually of Sparta).
      We admire the tactics, stratagies and the latest technology. Like in a chess match, or football game we appauld the Masters/Winners for their cunning, prowress, and skill. it does not matter if we like them, or despise them, we appreciate a fine effort.
    Now, for the Battle of the Bulge.
      Germany, was desperate for a strategic advantage, and like in football, if a play works, keep using it untill your opponent figures out how to stop it.
      In 44, the Americans were positioning for a southern push into Germany, while the Commonwealth forces were concentrating in the north. Fighting had all but ceased over the entire front as both sides tried to catch their breath. The Allies under-estimated the Germans ability,( again!) to reposition their armies so quickly, as they shifted whole armies from the Eastern Front to the West. Had the Germans been successful, they may have been able to force another Dunkirk, and the war could have lasted a year or more longer, as the German forces wheeled back on the Russians in full strength and sent them reeling back into their hinterlands. But, this was merely the death-throws of a dying beast. Well played, but time was no longer on their side. The turning point was Stalingrad, and the landings at Normandy was the beginning of the end.
      These are my thoughts,
        Crazy Ivan  :roll:

  • Naw … the turning point was failure in 1941 to finish the war. Stalingrad was confirmation and Kursk was the last German even ‘potential’ for any stalemate. After Kursk there was nothing left to do but face downfall.

  • :-o
      Barbarossa was started too late to get the job done by the onset of winter, but they had to wait for the rains to let up and the dirt roads to dry out anyway. that pretty well covers the "too damned BIG " part of the problem.

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