Looking for turn based computer games

  • i dont have alot of experience with computer games. ive played the Masters of Orion series, a little warlords 3 (bleah), and space empires 4 (pretty good game).

    im interested in other turn based games. i like empire building alot, and i like being able to build custom units when possible. i really like fantasy settings, but sci-fi is good too. long games dont bother me any, ive been known to put 40+ hours into taking over the galaxy in space empires. i would prefer games that i can get cheep or free, and that i can play alone, as i dont get much chance to play human opponents.

    any ideas? thanks in advance for input 🙂

  • don’t forget the civilization series.
    Civ II can only hook me for so long, but it’s a fun way to kill time.

  • PanzerGeneral I (pretty old, still good)
    Panzer General II (much better pbem-option)
    Pacific Admiral (sucks)
    Panzer General III (tried it once, my computer was too slow for the graphics. That shouldn’t happen on a turned based game, therefore: sucks)

  • Oh yeah, and my favorite - Heroes of Might and Magic . . . as i remember i’ll drop a few more.

  • Pacific General

  • Alpha Centauri – hands down the greatest turn based strategy game ever made. This game will keep you hooked for years, 'nuff said.

  • I have Civilization : Call to Power. It came out after Civ II. I’ll play it when I get that “want to rule the world itch”. Anyone have Civ III?

  • you can dl winwar here http://www.silicmdr.com/winwar.htm

  • Too bad it’s only shareware.

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    Civ III is an excellent turn based computer game. I highly recommend it.

    Actually, no, I take that back. It is the bane of all existence! It takes your time and sucks it into the deepest depths of the blackest of holes. It warps your perception of time. You sit down for “a few turns” and suddenly you realize it’s light out and time to go to work (or class or whatever you do).

  • yep alpha centari is great^_^ first game i played took me an entire day and lasted god what must have been a 1000 yrs before i nuked every other person out of existance :oops: but of course they all had it coming to em 😉

  • Europe in Flames (East Front) is a good one 😉

  • Heroes of Might & Magic 3 Complete is to me, the best turn based fantasy game. I still play this game despite it being 3+ years old.

    This set is hard to find in person, so you’ll likely have to order it online.

    The set includes the orignal game, and both expansion packs. The expansion packs include the usual more maps and creatures and such, but the best feature is its random map feature, which isn’t included with the original game.

    Some more Heroes 3 multi packs may have been released lately, so Heroes Complete might be outdated. But then again, the new releases are probably for Heroes 4.

    Reading from reviews, Heroes 4 is cruddy compared to 3.

    Heroes 4 adds polygon graphics at the expense of fluid gameplay and computer AI.

    I strongly suggest Heroes 3 Complete. I was lucky to find mine used at EB for $20 Canadian. Didn’t include a manual, but they’re included as PDF files anyway.

  • It sounds like you don’t like Warlords 3, but if you can stand the primitive graphics, Warlords 2 Deluxe may be better. In that game, you can create your own map and draw your own armies.

    I used to play this ware a lot too.

    But be warned. The game runs in DOS only and the map/army maker utilities are cumbersome.

    On that Underdogs site, they actually used to list the game for free download, now they just link to the maker’s site. At $30 US, it’s a ripoff. I bought mine for $25 Canadian in the mid 1990s.

  • I’m a masters of Orion and Civ junkee. I’ve had civ3 for years, you can get into some long games. Civ2 got to be a bit too easy, Civ3 on the hardest settings will drive you crazy, sadly, it’s not great tactics or strategy, albietly vastly improved. The game just cheats, you start out with 1 settler, computer has 3 and 10 troops…… So ya need a big world to have time to expand and long long games… Once you get 400-500 units the game really takes a long long time, they need a better interface, like um… would be nice to move a stack of 50 pieces all at once rather than point and click 50 times…


  • @cystic:

    don’t forget the civilization series.
    Civ II can only hook me for so long, but it’s a fun way to kill time.

    You can upgrade your classic Civ2 to the MGE (Multiplayer Gold Edition) with the patch available at http://www.civfanatics.com/ Then you can play multiplayer, create your own scenarios and play PBEMs. The forums on that site are huge and there are tons of players that will play PBEMs of scenarios that they make. The scenarios people create are great.

  • If you like sci-fi, Star Wars Rebellion by Lucas Arts is a pretty good turn based game also. It has VERY large maps and lots of different units. If you are a big star wars fan it is an even better experience. Lots of planet building and you can build some massive fleets. Also, they allow you to build the elusive Death Star which is really cool.

  • I’m including older games, non-Windows computers, and console games, as noted. Sorry for duplicates, I’m in Deep Think Mode trying to remember all the ones I like.

    Ghengis Khan – Koei – both for NES (8-bit) and PC (DOS)
    Ghengis Khan 2 – Koei – I think maybe only SNES
    Nobunaga’s Ambition – Koei – possibly just NES
    Shingen the Ruler – I think Tecmo, not sure – NES, rumored PC too
    Defender of the Crown – Don’t remember – NES and PC (DOS)
    Europa Univeralis – CodeWarriors/E-Sim Games – PC
    Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri – Microprose??? – PC
    Sid Meier’s Colinzation – Microprose i think – PC (buggy, save often)
    Conflict: Middle East – ??? – PC (DOS)
    Castles II – ??? – PC (DOS, not purely turn-based, but largely)
    Acquire – mult. versions by mult. companies – several platform (Business sim, but strategy skills help… same as AH’s board game)
    Solar Wars – http://members.bellatlantic.net/~jme69/solarwars.htm – freeware! Windows
    Master of Orion – Microprose – PC. (I like MOO and MOO2, but MOO3 was a disappointment)
    Conquest – multiple ports – multiple platforms (PC (Windows console) at http://www.simtel.net/pub/pd/60586.html)

    I may think of more later.

  • Turn based games are whacky!
    Real time strategy all the way!
    Sudden strike, Cossacks or American Conquest!
    Great games.

    On topic I’d say Panzer General 1 is still ok.

  • The best TBS game in my opinion is the Age of Wonders series. I used to play Masters of Orion and Heroes of Might and Magic, but they are collecting dust now! Age of Wonders II: The Wizards Throne, by take2-interactive, is THE TBS-Fantasy. Check it out on www.ageofwonders2.com

    A third release, named Shadow Magic is planned for september!

    Enjoy playing!!

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    I guess I didn’t see this thread before, but I was reading through it ad was reminded of when I first got CIV I back in college. I can remember my alarm going off while I tried to get in one last turn. then I would sleep through class so that I could come back home and get back into the game.

    The CIV series are the type of games that when I play them I have dreams about them. Of course the same thing happens the night before a big A&A game. :lol:

  • Anyone of you tried a game called something like !1914 - the Great War"?
    Sounded interesting, and i can remember a very old game that covered that topic… anyone here knows the new one and can tell something about it?

  • 2019 Moderator

    Guns of August is a good one for WWI.

  • Star Trek: Birth of the Federation is one of my favorite turn-based strategy computer games. I’m definitly no Trekky but I really got into this game. It’s a galaxy-wide map where you duke it out as one of five major Star Trek empires: The United Federation of Planets, The Klingon Empire, The Cardassian Union, The Ferengi Alliance and The Romulan Star Empire (my personal favorite). Each of these five races has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Romulans and Cardassians both have buff intel forces that can destory structures and even steal enemy ships. The Federation, however, is pathetically weak when it comes to Intel, but the’re strength is in technology research. The diplomacy is a little weak and as your empire gets bigger and bigger, anyone who doesn’t like to micromanage every star system might get frusterated. I’ve been playing this game for the last 3 years and I think it might have been a year or so old back then, so the graphics aren’t going to be anything special by today’s standards, but the Space Combat graphics are better than Masters of Orion II. Star Trek: Birth of the Federation was made by Microprose.

    Has anyone played Masters of Orion III yet?

  • i see you have gotten alot of great tips here. I’ll repeat the ones i can vouch for:

    -CivIII , altough i dont find this game as good as i had hoped, it can help you pass your time 😄

    -Heroes of Might and Magic, I, II, III and IV - they all rock!!!

    -Call to Power, I and II ! For all that have played and enjoyed Civ, this is heaven!!! Imho this is one of the greater games in history 😄
    Its got excellent multiplayer playability online aswell. And its easy to find on places like: Kazaa and Direct Connect.

    Good luck 😉

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