No income islands

  • I know i am new to this forum and game but for me i take the islands. My fighters and bombers may land on them for my attacks on the home islands. Also if i see a Japanse Naval force near my Navy and i have transports with men on them, i will move the men onto the island and keep them out of harms way. It is more costly to take them if u play with the NA’s like my friends and i do. But will be worth it in the long run I.M.H.O.

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    A few rules of game play:
    1.  If you can destroy an enemy (or potential enemy) landing zone, base, unit, or territory with little or no risk, DO SO!
    2.  NEVER leave the enemy a safe have in the rear of your advance.
    3.  Protect your flanks as much as possible.

    Sometimes an open, worthless, plot of land is perfectly acceptable.

    For instance, why take Midway with Japan if you are storming the beaches of California on a regular basis?  Odds are, American planes are NOT going to be attacking Midway or beyond at that point.  And if America is not going to be wasting fighters and bombers landing them in Midway, then attacking the infantry there is a waste of Japanese resources.

    Same is true for Solomons.  If you are just raiding the Pacific with a few ships, why hit Solomons or even Wake?  If your main flotilla is up in Alaska and the Irkutsk Peninsula (that’s the dangly thing off the Eastern Sea Board of Russia, in case you were unaware) then hitting worthless islands are just a waste of time and resources.

  • Solomons are good if you pursue Dutch East Indies. They are in the way anyway, and you kill a Japanese inf.

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