Which units are not worth taking out of the box?

  • I haven’t played yet but i picked up and old and new starter last week.  I then got all the commons and uncommons from set 1 and 2 in a batch on eBay for cheap.  Finally I picked up a few boosters from the various sets.  I’m trying to organize all of this before I start playing.  I’ve got a some foam trays but I’m overwhelmmed looking at this pile, I don’t think I can store them all.

    So, which units are not worth taking up my prime easy-access storage trays?


  • US:  Keep the mortars, throw the flamethrowers in the box.
    UK: You don’t need more than a couple of engineers
    Generic:  Ditto for commanders

  • As an example, I’m sorting Germany right now.

    I’ve got a Panzer II Ausf. C which looks worthless.
    I’ve also got 2 Panzer III Ausf. F which looks weak but has that smoke-screen ability.  Does anyone use this unit?

    For infantry, there are the Vol-something-or-other,  anyone use them…it seems a Fortress defender would be better at 2 pts.


  • Depending on the years you are playing the armor has uses.  The PZ III is decent and cheap and the smoke screen helped me once.  In later years 42 and on save your points.  In addition the PZ II Flamingo is worth it I believe they are 40 or 41 with the flame ability it can be useful.

    Infantry:  SS Panzer Grens are a must anything else is not worth frontline service. MG42 and Snipers are very good.

    Must have a expert sniper.  SS Haup fuher is cheap and useful. A griz vet is a nice addition.


    1 SSHF

  • @Motdc:

    I’ve also got 2 Panzer III Ausf. F which looks weak but has that smoke-screen ability.  Does anyone use this unit?

    I use the Panzer III a lot, I like the minis look and historically one of my favorite tanks (Big roles in early war, N. Africa and first few years in Russian invasion).

    Staples/useful pieces for competive german a&a mini armies are:

    SET I
    SS-Panzergrenadier (strongest infantry in the game)
    SS-Haupsturmführer (cheap but good commander)
    MG 42 Machine-Gun Team (double-shot and good dies)
    Panzerfaust 30 (good anti-tank… cool looking peice, not to mention fun to say Panzerfaust!)
    Mauser Kar 98k (cheap basic infantry if yo have SS phobia or just cant get any)
    SS-Panther Ausf. G (SS determination makes it a keeper even with its new cheaper version)
    SET II
    SS-Panzer IV Ausf. F2 (SS determination & a nice looking piece)
    Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbär”(great armor & good anti-infantry something German armor normally lacks)
    Wehrmacht Expert Sniper (head shot… enough said)
    Wehrmacht Oberleutnant (good ability, but a bit pricey)
    Elite Panzer IV Ausf. D (weak armor but crack shot makes up for it)
    StuG III Ausf. D (its a stug… plus cheap/good anti-infantry)
    SET IV
    Grizzled Veteran (nice hero)
    Jagdpanzer 38(t) hetzer (cheap & great anti-tank)
    sGrW 34 81mm Mortar (best German mortar… but then again thats not saying all that much)
    Wehrmacht Veteran Infantrymen (another hero… I like to pretend they r Grossdeutschland troops)
    Veteran Tiger (Crack shot and it outclass the tiger one by only costing a crazy cheap 3 pts more)
    SET V
    Fallschirmjager (5/5 infanty and german paratroopers… also fun to say  8-))
    Panther Ausf. D (35pts & great!)
    Nebelwerfer 42 (rocket salvo!)

    hope this helped

  • All the pieces are worthwhile if you plan to play in that theater of war.  Some only shine when you put army building restrictions based upon year or a particular scenario in place.  Generally I like fewer, higher priced (skilled pieces) but have also had very good results with a variety of units.

    I’m not much on the Pacific theater but have forced myself to play those pieces with some fun results recently.

    I tend to build in Infantry Platoon and Tank Troop organizations and therefore try to create multi unit groups.  Say an Eagle Eyed NCO, with 3 x Canadian Infantry plus another capability or two as I figure I might need them.  Like a sapper.  Therefore one of anything is generally useless.  Likewise with the tanks, I’ll play them in pairs at a minimum.

  • This is great stuff, exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for!

    Thanks guys.  Anyone have any more advice of which units to keep front-and-center and particularly which ones to keep in the storage box?

    As an aside, wasn’t there some discussion that you can’t have more than one Hero (or maybe more than one 5/5)?  Some complaints that 5/5 Infantry make 4/4 Infantry obsolete?


  • I do remember some discussion to limit heros to one per 100 point build and someone else might have the official rule here.

    Personally I’m good with any number a person wants to purchase.  As for the 5/5 guys vereses the 4/4 guys.  This is reality on the battlefield and I’m also okay with mixing these.  The low end guys have value is paticular scenarios especially on the defence if you have given them a pillbox bunker.

    Like tanks, you can spend too much for any one unit.  When that unit is lost due to tactical skill of your opponent or just plain bad luck with the dice a huge point value of your army is also gone.

    I kind of like the new A&A Naval Minis where you collect victory points based upon the purchase point value of the ships you sink.

  • I heard that as well.  It seemed that at tourney’s  people were stacking their armies with all hero’s so a general house rule of one hero. I do not think it’s mentioned in the rules at all.  Some tactics can be employed as far as 4/4’s go.  I too have no problem mixing units.

    example:                4/4 Bar gunners  support 5/5 Ranger’s I sure people can come up with more but that just springs to mind.

    You have to be carefule I was used like a tool when I sent KAR 98’s against Screaming Eagle’s (First game) It was a blood bath. The trick is to play to the utits strengths and use supporting units.  I’m a big fan of snipers and MG42’s

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