• Hey all I bought this game not to long ago and haven’t played it much yet. I think it will be fun. I got a basic understanding of the game having played A&A classic, and A&A revised. My problem is that the basic strategies for the other game don’t work here. What basic strategy concepts have you A&A D-Day vets found that work? Also do you guys / gals like or hate the tactics cards and the fortune cards?

    Have fun keep gaming


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    I like the tactics cards and my opinion of the fortune cards is generally related to whether my fortunes are good. I really like it when the Allies come up on the wrong side of the fortune card that doesn’t let them land (as Germany.) I wouldn’t use them for your first game or three and then add 'em in if you want to. They do mix things up a bit especially the fortune cards.


    That thread over at AH has a great strat for Germany from warspite.

    I like this game because it is quick and it has some fudge room if you make an error. A mistake in this game doesn’t become as devastating as in some of the other games. It is probably a good intro game for people who haven’t played A&A or any wargames before. That said I haven’t played a game in a while. I’ve been mostly playing BOTB and Revised when the chances for FTF have come up.

  • I am taking it that you (frimmel) tend to play the Germans most? So here is a German question for you and any one else willing to take a stab at it, in regards to Cherbourg, do you tend to:

    1 ) Mass the forces in and around Cherbourg on the East side to hinder the US advance, or
    2 ) Leave German forces where they lay in and around Cherbourg and let Allied forces sort them out for you in an attempt to take the city, or
    3 ) Do you make an conscious effort to move reinforcements to the Cherbourg area?

    I guess in a nut shell I’m asking do you write it off as a loss and focus your forces on the other two cities, or do you try to keep it?

    Also Frimmel loved the link you gave me. At first the game left me at a loss not being able to use my normal tactics. Your link put this game into perspective for me thanks.

    Question for the allies:

    I got a good idea of how I’d use air support after looking at the link above. In reference to that would you coordinate your forces to take and hold Cherbourg first and make a giant radius Eastward, or do you have other concepts you deploy??


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    I have mostly been Axis while playing D-Day. I have played this game with the biggest number of different opponents and they always want to be Allies.

    In regards to Cherbourg. I don’t send reinforcements there any more than tending to just send them at the beach. Sometimes I abandon it and sometimes I take what is in the area and consolidate on the city. It depends on where the Allies move at first. D-Day and BOTB tend to be a lot more “depends” games than Revised.

    As the Allies you  don’t have enough time to go just at Cherbourg then turn about and go at St. Lo unless Caen goes down quickly and the Brits have enough time to get to St. Lo in my opinion.

  • I see your point. I was thinking it would be easy for the Allies to take Cherbourg b/c its so hard for the Germans to reinforce; althoe, the same rule would apply toward the end of the game.

    Do you find you have a favorite battle group? I mean x INF, x ARM, x ART, I ask b/c you can only have 8 units per space in this one. Or do you just take what you can get b/c the reinforcement table and dice decide what you get?

    See in A&A classic and in some cases in revised you can use deployment strategies like shuck-shuck to get troops to the war, here the whole battle concepts are just different enough most of those don’t apply.


  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    I try to get an artillery into St. Lo and each of my reinforcement zones as soon as possible for the AA dice. Other than that i try to stay balanced. As there is a defense round and a offense round every turn there isn’t really an advantage to stacking a territory with only Infantry.

  • Thanks Frimmel you have been an awesome help.  🙂

    Does any one out there have any ideas or concepts they use for the Allied side of the board?


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