Favorite People

  • So… whaddya say?  You can mention more than one, but I for one am going to keep mine categorized, for instance:

    Intellectual Role Model: Stephen Hawking
    Most Influential Leader: Erwin Rommel
    Favorite Looney Toon: Marvin the Martian
    Favorite Other Cartoon Character: Dr. Zoidberg
    Favorite Movie Character: Kaiser Soze (spelling?)

    Can’t think of any more right now, but hopefully the rest of you guys can help me out with that…  😉

  • Ronald Reagan!!

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    Von Manstein
    Wilhelm Kaiser II
    Teddy Roosevelt
    Marcus Licinius Crassus
    Richard Wagner
    Arthur Schopenhauer
    Giovanni Gentile
    Horatio Nelson
    Otto von Bismarck
    Emperor Trajan
    Oswald Mosley

    Favorite Movie Character: anything with Lawrence Olivier ,Curt Jürgens, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Hopkins, Ingrid Bergman, or Robert Shaw.

    Literary character: Friedrich Nietzsches’ Zarathustra, Goethes’ Faust, Horatio Hornblower

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    Zinn - Historian
    Teddy Roosevelt - Conservative President
    Bradley - WWII Army General
    Jefferson - Ultra Conservative President, Forefather
    Edison - Inventor
    Einstein - Scientist
    Churchill - “Testicular Fortitude” (Gov. Blagoevich, IL)


    Rick Hunter - Ghost Squadron, SDF
    Commander Susan Ivanova - Babylon 5
    Tom Paris - Voyager (what a hunk!)


    Secretary General of the United Nations Nicholas Ewing Seafort of David Feintuch’s Seafort Saga

  • Real Folks:
    My Wife
    The rest of my extended family (with a few exceptions…)
    Richard Nixon
    George Patton
    Richard Thornburg
    Neal Boortz

    Gandalf the Grey
    Sirrocco Jones

  • Aha!  I knew some more would come to me!

    Favorite Sci-Fi Novel Character: Emperor Leto II
    Favorite Fantasy Novel Character: Morgoth

  • Well, this one is easy at first, but I’m not sure on the categories supplied.

    Of course, these are favorites:

    [attachment deleted by admin]

  • Military general: George Patton
    Historian: Stephen Ambrose
    Fantasy author: Diana Wynn Jones
    President: Ronald Reagan
    Social commentator: Mark Steyn or Rob Long
    Comic actor: Jim Carrey
    All-round actor: Tim Curry
    Comedian: Lewis Black or Stephen Wright
    Composer: Beethoven
    Rock musician: Jimmy Euringer

    That’s enough for now…

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    A few for starters:

    Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson
    Carl Von Clausewitz
    Randall Shughart
    Gary Gordon
    George Patton
    Erwin Rommel

    World Leaders:
    Ronald Reagan
    Richard Nixon
    Megas Alexandros
    Michael Collins

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