• if germany has wolf pack (subs attack at the 3 if 3 or more of your subs are present) is it cancelled out by an enemy destroyer? my play group isnt sure and it effects a current game,thanks in advance for your input

  • No.  They would still attack on a 3.  The presence of an enemy DST would simply allow those ships hit by the SUBs to return fire.  Wolf Pack does not change the SUB engagement rules, just the roll required to hit.

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    And don’t forget wolf packs and Kaitens stack with Super Submarine tech. 🙂

  • sorry to bring this up again, but my play group doesnt agree, and this is why they say it, in the rule book, under destroyers on pg 29 it says “a destroyer cancels the special abilities of submarines(see submaries on page 32)”. under subs on pg 32, these are the special ablities they have listed, treat hostlie sea zones as freindly, snaek attack, submerge, and weapons development super subs. the wolf pack germany optional rule isnt listed cuss basicly its an optional rule but my play group says that its a speacial ability of the subs, so the destroyer cancels it. i know that super subs and wolf pack stacks, its just the destroyers abilty i guess thats really in question. and the replys i have goten so far suggest that super subs weapons development isnt canceled out by destroyers but my play group thinks it is cuss its listed on pg.32 of the rule book under special abiltys of subs that the rules on destroyers cancel out as listed on pg. 29 of the rule book. the super sub ruling i have always agreed with them on, but i was thinking that the wolf pack optional rule isnt a special abilty of the subs but of the country cuss its not listed as a rule on page 32 of the rule book under subs. any additional input from you guys would be great!

  • You need to be using Larry Harris Tournament Rules (LHTR).  There are too many errors in the rule book to use it as the guide.

    Enemy destroyers cancel the sneak attack of SUBs.  They still fire first, but any ships hit get a counter attack before they die.  That is the ONLY effect that enemy destroyers have on negating SUB special ablities (of either side).

  • Don’t forget that a sub in an sea zone with an enemy destroyer present cannot submerge as a means of retreat. This goes for attacker
    and defender.

  • My apologies.  Yes, the submerge rule also is in effect with enemy DSTs.

    But just like DST’s do not negate Super Subs attackign on 3’s, neither do they negate Wolf Pack NA.

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