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    I’ve noticed there is a lot of great players and knowledgeable members of these forums yet only a small few “post” what can be considered articles that can be shared on the website. Some people like to read strategy, house rules, and other articles and others like to participate in the community and still other like to do both. The community here is superb and now I want to make it easier for you to contribute to the articles on the website.

    So post your articles in this forum. They can be about anything Axis & Allies.

    All threads except for this one should start with the article in question. In the article please include the type of article (general article, review, strategy, house rule, scenario), a title for the article, any other important categorization details, and the article itself.

    Discussion of the article may follow the thread post. After time, if it starts to seem more appropriate to move the discussion to another forum, please make the suggestion and the moderators will take care of the details.

    All of the topics in this forum can be rated and this will help me determine which articles make it to the website and which articles stay in this forum. The rating is for the article itself and not for the discussion.

    Have fun. If and when you have questions, please post them in this thread.

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    Wow, it is starting to look like a race. Who can write more articles? DarthMaximus or newpaintbrush.

    Heck, maybe I should write an article about my Africa/Mediterranean strategy for the Allies. But not yet … I do think It needs a little more refinement, like not losing UK on turn 2, right DM?

  • Moderator

    Just leave turn 2 out of the article.  😄

    It’s been a little slow at work lately, so it gives me a chance to kill some time and write down some constructive thoughts.  🙂

  • 2007 AAR League

    Okay, I’ve contributed some of my thoughts.  I’ll add more as time and other obligations permit.

  • Here’s an article submission topic: Why haven’t the  MB/AH/Hasbro game designers offered a mechanized/motorized Infantry unit before 2009? I, personally (in house rules), had motorized Infantry by 1984. Why has it taken A&A so long to get this simple addition into play?  What other aspects of the original game were ‘flawed’ is another topic with myriad existing ‘threads’.

  • How often are articles updated onto the website?

  • It would be nice if game-specific articles metioned the particular game in the subject. Ie “[AA50] Russian Far East tactics” or “[Revised] German opening moves”

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