This is really funny, and I don't know why.

  • I can’t even begin to explain why I laugh so much at it:

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  • 2007 AAR League

    … I don’t get it  :? :? :?

  • @AJGundam:

    … I don’t get it  :? :? :?

    Is there anything to get?  It’s just weird.

    The cat is kinda funny on his own - it doesn’t make sense on the end panel, but the thought of a crazy looking cat inflicting his physical features on others is just…humorous.  Even then, I can’t tell you why.

  • Thanks, Jermo.  I’m with you - I have no idea why, but that is forgin’ hilarious!

  • NEDM!  :lol:

  • @AgentOrange:

    Thanks, Jermo.  I’m with you - I have no idea why, but that is forgin’ hilarious!

    Glad you could appreciate the humor, whatever the hell it is.  :mrgreen:


    NEDM!  :lol:

    Can you elaborate, plz?


    NEDM is an acronym of Not Even Doom Music, to understand, there is a backstory.

    A video was posted upon the internet in which two guys take a cat and force it into a hamster cage. They then proceeded to douse the cat with a flammable fluid, and then set the cat alight. This caused an uproar on the forum it was posted upon and was deleted, and authorities were noted. The guys who made the video went to jail.

    Later, someone who had a copy of the video posted it on the fad site YTMND, with the music from the very first level of action game DOOM playing in the background. This was mostly met with horror and condemnation, although a few individuals voted 5 stars on the YTMND, in favour of the site. After seeing this, an incensed YTMND member voted 1 (the lowest score) on the sites of everyone who voted 5. On the comments, they said that Not Even Doom Music justifies burning cats. This became a fad very quickly, where people created YTMNDs with pictures of cats and references to cats and fire. Each NEDM YTMND typically has a picture of Happy Cat (A happy grey cat) and the song We Interrupt This Program by Coburn.  Nothing justifies burning cats. NEDM.

    That pretty much explains it.  Most NEDMs are associated with that grey cat, but I once saw it with that very same cat in your comic.  😉

    [attachment deleted by admin]

  • Maybe I have a more sick sense of humor than I realized, because that last NEDM picture is forgin’ hilarious to me as well.  Maybe it’s because in both pictures, the cat looks rather silly. (I hope so anyway, for my sanity’s sake.  :-P)

  • 2007 AAR League


    So the first post of the cartoon was just like “huh?”

    The discussion of NEDM and burning cats, turns my stomach.

    It reminded me of the two Iraqi workers burned to death by a rocket about 20 yards from my workshop in Iraq.

    Not a pretty sight.

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