• Well I knew it would eventually come to this I’m having my first fairly big game (size Wise)

    500 Points

    30 Units

    Germany (surprise,surprise)

    1 Hero

    6 maps (I pick 3 sides with one objective in a center map

    Assuming I have all German Units at my disposal in multiples what would you build?

    Axis Fan

  • No German army is a true German army unless it sports SSPGs….  8-)

    Besides that, if you’re going with a 500-point game, I would make it a point to bring along at least one Vet. Tiger - those MFs are beasts!  I also like the SS Panther and regular Panther, because they are rather quick for being as well-armed and armored as they are.

    Germany also has the best (I think) commander unit in the game, and they have had it since day one.  Just protect the guy, and possibly keep him around your mission critical soldiers, to serve as a buffer from Disrupted counters.  😉

  • Given the large map size, I would definitely include either a few Sd Kfz 222’s or Pumas.  The 222 is more cost-effective and the Strike/Fade 2 makes it great for making the advance troops stop in their tracks, but the main reason I prefer the 222 is because I rarely play more than 200 points, and with your army limits that’s not as big of a concern.  I’d say give the Puma a tryout.

  • I know from several big games that I’ve played, you need to think about infantry transport.  I’ve employed fleets of cheap vehicles just shuttling the troops forward.

  • What are you up against?

  • British American combined forces. Centurian/Church’s/Screaming Eagles/M3 Stewart’s I suspect a lot of heavy armor.  with no aircraft. I expect some heave armor with a bige deployment of Paras; I expect an Ammo dump as well (he can be the King of 1’s sometimes )

    P.S. I love thos Pumas as well just don’t know if I could fit them in the mix (Cost Prohibitive)  I was really tempted to use a Nashhorn,but again, the cost was way too high

    I’m Thinking: Any flaws in this??? (I put some of mu thoughts on the side)

    2 xVet Tiger’s (The double ouch factor)
    1 Reg Tiger 1
    3 Panther G’s (Good and cheap)
    1 Brumbar
    1Hetzer (Filler but have had success with this)
    1 Flamingo (Filler but great for Psch warefare against allies)
    1 250 (The shuttle) Move of 5 with fuel dump
    1 Ammo Dump (Makes the Vet almost a sure hit misses on a 2)
    1 Fuel Dump (Totally changes German armor)
    1 sandbag MG42 (5/5 Def used to protect the dumps)
    2 SSHF
    2 Were wulf (In case of ammo dump)
    2 Snipes (Leiter converted me to these fellas. Had great success with them:  Out of 7 games missed head shot once)
    1 Griz (He is in reserve with my Para if I need , I’ll drop him in with him)
    1 Para
    6 SSPG (Always a favorite)
    1 Mortor (This is new for me and might be a complete surprise for opponent)
    1 Spotter(Ditto from above)
    1 Pillbox (Sand bag’s home)

  • I’d trade in some more armour for soldier anti tank capabilities though I guess the 30 unit limit is a concern. The Oberleutnant is good for this.  Did I see 88mm on the list?  I find them an extremely worthwhile purchase for their multi target capability.

    6 maps together,  Again are your infantry going to be sprinting for a mile before contact?

    Just as in real, mortars are designed to fire in groups and I find one almost a waste of time.  Buying a spotter to support a platoon (4 mortars sitting in cover) is cost effective.

    Let us know how its playing out.


  • I have a few issues to bring up:

    1. Is it a stipulation of your battle that your enemy has no aircraft?  'Cuz I would definitely use some if I were the Allies…

    2. Are you playing with the house rule that you can interchange your Sandbagged/Non-sandbagged MG42’s?  'Cuz that’s a unit I’d want to be able to move around.

    3. I might consider using more transport units.  And if you’re using artillery, (including heavy mortars) then I’d bring along 1-2
          SdKfz 252’s. (whatever the German gun transport is called.)

    4. I also agree with Audacity, in that I’d bring maybe 2-3 mortars, because those heavy mortars are pretty deadly against soldiers.

    Other than all that, I’d have to say I love the Armor portion, especially (as you pointed out) with the Ammo Dump and Fuel Depot.

  • Infantry  has always been my weakness.  Tanks I seems to have no problem but. when it comes to infantry I sometimes stall on Ideas.  You say one mortor  would almost be a waste I thought of a build with just a hetzer in the build instead.  Also no,  there is no restriction on planes it just turns out he doesn’t field them that often.  The 88 was a big disappointment my last game not sure I want to do that.

  • I think that every game I’ve seen with German 88’s played that they play a crucial role.  The extended range and their great abilities against tanks, infantry and aircraft make their 19 points an easy purchase.

    the only thing I don’t like about them is the scale they were modeled at.

  • Yeah, we are going to let infantry 7 hex starting point, objectives in the center.  Still working the details on that account. On the maps I’m still wondering if we should go longwise or 3 wide.  Still thinking that through.

  • I’m curious what infantry types you’re favoring over others.

  • Ref your map layout, I like wider maps over longer maps.  First it shortens the distance that the infantry must travel and second, it gives more flexibility for flanking moves by high speeders.

  • SSPG  for moving up.

    Para + Griz vet for reinforce

    2 Werewolf to deal with the expected ammo dump

    I will doubletime the SSPG’s to objective

  • MY plan is fairly simple.

    The fuel dump and ammo dump will be irresistably and he will try to take out.  I will have them in such a way that partisans will not be able to get closer than 2 .  The mg and brumbar + maybe an sspg will deal with them.  If he has paras I’m hoping he will drop them in as well (eventually)  He has done this before.  If that is the case then I will surround him,

    My only concern now (because you fellas got me thinking!) is the mortors. what do I replace do I lose 2 SSPG leaving me with 4 not sure if that makes me happy.  Â

    The tank situation will be fine. I think I would even be able to lose 20 pts somewhere on the armor side. But remember 30 unit limit, and totally unacceptable to him due to the dump abilities as losses start to mount he will deploy the eagles.  I’m making a lot of assumptions here so who knows.Â

    P.S. I ran into a Pershing last Thursday and am not uses to dealing with + range and firepower.  What is the general tactic on the allies uparmored tanks?  Anyone?

    Axis fan out

  • Just thought of something else:

    I forgot about the Nebelwerfer.  Same point cost as a mortor except without the range.  Also, I really like the snipes and feel they have played critical roles in the games (that head/crack shot ability is way too valuable) I have resisted the temptation to cut one lose in order to get a mortor.

    Buy the way,  thanks for the feedback folks I do appreciate it.

  • Now we’re all curious about the results.  What is the enemy coming to the field with and how does it all turn out…

  • Should be sometime this week:  I’ll give you Post op when I finish.

    My suspicisions:

    Heavy armor

    Churchill crocks

    as well as M3 stuarts
    Ammo dump
    Eagles and rangers
    Hunting sniper

    I’ve got a couple armor builds for this what do you folks think?

    1                                         2[/u[/u]]                                         3                                      4VT     X2                                         VT   X2                                                    VT  X2                                          VT  X2
    Panther D   X3                                  Panther D    X3                                       Panther D  X3                                  Tiger I X1
    Brumbar X1                                      Brumbar  X1                                             Brumbar X1                                    Panther D X2
    Nashhorn X1                                     Tiger 1    X1                                            King       X1                                    Nashorn X1
    SS PZ IV    X1                                   PZ II Flamingo  X2                                     SS Panther X1                                BrumBar
    222      X1                                        Hetzer  X1                                                222 X1                                        Hetzer X1
    250 X2                                             250 X1                                                      250 X1                                        250 X1

    358                                                      382                                                                             385                      358

    Assuming I have multiples in infantry what would you do with the rest of the pointsÂ

    I must have

    2 Snipers
    Ammo Dump
    Fuel Dump
    1 SShF

  • '19 Moderator

    I don’t thnk that looks quite like you had intended…

  • Nope the VT should lead off the columns

  • Had a defeat this Sat.  I felt the game went very well and I used a lot of new pieces so as always I learned something.  I’ll try to give you a summary this week.  I just don’t have the time right now.

    Opposing force:

    3 Church Crocks
    1 Centurian
    5 Shermans
    2 Rhinos
    2 M5’s
    1 Humbar
    1 Hawker Typhoon
    1 M36
    2 Mortars
    Red Devil
    Ammo Dump
    6 Rangers

    My set up

    2 Vet Tigers
    3 Panther D’s
    1 Nashorn
    1 Brumbar
    1 Puma
    1 250
    2 mortars
    1 spotter
    6 sspg’s
    1 para
    2 snipers
    1 mg42
    2 were wolfs
    1 SSHF

  • Been a while let give you my reflections on this game.  I think the rest of my games will have a screen upon set up.

    I placed first going with an even spread upon the field.  Left: Brumbar/Puma/Panther  Middle: Nashorn/Vet Tiger/Panther  Right: Vet/Panther

    He stacked my Right side with 11 tanks and swarmed me.  Nashorn took out Approx 55 points.  But I lost a vet first round which really killed me.Â

    My Puma who I’ve been itching to use for ever finally got the nod.  Killed a sherman and damaged a rhinobefore going down.  Also used my werewulf’s. I placed 1st and was able to deny nice cove for the ammo dump my ME 262 took care of it 1st round.

    Re: Comparison between Panther G and Panther D.  I’m starting to suspect that the G is worth the extra 14 points.  I lost my D’s fairly easy and I know in previous games that he had a hard time ending my G’s .  I think my next on will field more G’s perhaps those SS PZ IV’s as well I really can appreciate that determination ability now.

    Axis Fan Out

    P.S. I actually played the Russians last Thursday in my strategy club at school.  The grop loves High points low unit.  I was a real good Tank battle.  The group is really getting into it .  I think I have provided their parents gift ideas for the next several months and to listen in on the coversations they are really getting the hang of it.  2 of my guys went to a local tourney and won 1st and 3rd place.  Pretty cool.

    Axis Fan out

  • I learned a lesson with my Nashorn today.  It was my first battle with it and I took it in way too close and of course lost it due to its low armour.  Better to find a field of fire and sit way back!

  • Mine was in a center hex in the hills and upon deployment it was one of those cringe moments.  He had a Typhoon.  The funny thing is he didn’t use it on the Nash so I was able to bump it off mid game.  I’m please with the results 55 point to 45 cost I’ll take that any day.  If it wasn’t for the mortor and the Improved Indirect fire it may have been higher kill points.

    Axis Fan

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