• Somebody once ask if an AC could be a good buying in A&A Europe. Now I got the answer : DEFINITELY. It doesn’t only protect the allies fleet from German attacks. It is an efficient way for American fighters to escort their Bombers when it’s time to SBR Germany !

    Of course, it is expensive. The USA only can afford it. But it is a wise choice as soon as german subs are eradicated. Even better, it allows you to flight the remaining fighters directly to Leningrad after they escorted, flying two new fighters each round from Washington to the AC.

    And of course, it is a welcome protection for UK transport ships.

    If anybody ever tried that, I would like to know how Germany could counter it, because next game, I’m afraid that I will play Germany and will have to face a strategy of that kind.

  • hai
    an AC……
    well i haven’t used it but i’ll give it a try.
    the thing is that iff germany builds say 4/5 subs you have a problem iff you don’t have a lot of transports.
    but it gives good protection.
    but could the IPCs fore the AC not better be used for a cruiser??
    let me know what everyone thinks about this…

    gtz Nils…

  • Actually, I really think that 4 or 5 subs could give Germany enough defense to prevent it.

    But it will also be 8 men and 2 artillery less on board.

    That counts.
    Adding a destroyer could be great.

  • Building a german navy can counter the allies for a while, but the object is to take russia. Therefore, build infantry and tanks and a few planes to hold the allies at bay while attacking Russia. It is tough on germany because of supply line problems.

    What do you thin.

  • Ok, As far as AC goes it’s not really the best naval option for America. First of all, since you can’t put any fighters on it when you deploy it, it is vulnerable to german subs for a turn. America will need to commit at least 1 destroyer, to prevent sub 1st strike, possibly more, depending on the state of the german navy. As far as first American turn goes, they should be buying destroyers, 2 maybe 3 destroyers. Wiping out the German Navy is priority #1 for America. If they don’t then the U boats can position them selves to effectively give the American Navy of movement of 1, instead of 2. And that could be enough to delay D-day long enough for Germany to take Moscow. Only after the German Navy, at leats in the atlantic (any german boats in the med aren’t important to the americans, yet) then you can start building an AC.

    The only way an AC could come up the first turn is if the Brits buy it and the Americans put a plane on it and a destroyer with it. Even then, it is still somewhat vulnerable to the German Navy, with Air support.

  • i agreee, an AC is a good build for America but a bad build for Britan or Germany. Britan needs to concentrate on Trn because america is 3 turns away to reinforce. America Defends British fleet and shore bombards (few Trn and inf needed for this)

  • One tactic we frequently use in A&A Europe is to build an enormous airforce every turn in America, flying them to Russia and transforming them into russians, we generally do not spend loads of resources against the German fleet. We sometimes opt for a strategy wich encompasses D-day but we normally don’t. I think one should never built a AC because it takes so much rime to build a good fleet, Russia will have fallen at that point.

  • you dont have to build a lange fleet with usa to be effective
    2destr, with some(4/50 trans. is all you need iff you go for africa, that gives some releef for russia. because iff you destroy the med. fleet, ger must keep some stuff in italy.
    so it is a goood thing to build a fleet
    but like you sead, you have to be not too slow. but i think russia can hold longer then you think iff you play any good….
    gtz Nils
    ps einelijk weer eens een nederlander…

  • Zeker, Het is goed om ook eens in het Nederlands te kunnen chatten, vind je het leuk om eventueel een keer een spel te spelen? In mijn vriendengroep is de verhouding nu al zo bekend, we weten vaak al wie er wint omdat sommigen gewoon beter zijn dan anderen en het lijkt me erg leuk om eindelijk eens een potje te spelen met iemand anders die het wat vaker doet omdat je dan weer nieuwe tactieken leert. Mijn E-mail adres is Borre_Van_Stigt@hotmail.com
    stuur anders ff een keer een mailtje

    Apres nous le deluge Louis XVI.

  • A friend and I played a game yesterday to try out a new strategy. Germany built a carrier in the med on the first turn and transports + destroyer in the baltic. The initial 12 IPC was used on a transport at denmark and an art in finland.

    Later, I think turn three. Germany built another carrier in the baltic sea. That carrier w 2 fighters plus a destroyer and three transports was enough to keep the allied airforce from attacking. This enabled the Germans to transport 6 land units to attack Leningrad every turn (3 inf 3 art). Together w planes germany could take Leningrad and although losing it to the russians the turn after, forcing the russians to build new troops far from the east front. This went on the entire game with nether side beeing able to use Leningrad for new builds.
    Germany also put subs around denmark to stop the allied fleet from entering the baltic. They also took all land zones around the baltic sea to prevent uk/us fighters attacking the fleet from UK.

    Before you start wondering how this was possible I can tell you that we used a few house-rules to try to balance the game. We lowerd the IPC value of USA to 30, opend up the passage through Turkey to make it possible to enter the black sea and invade russia that way and gave the starting 12 IPC to Germany only.

    In the med the entire fleet plus new transports first invaded the oil countries and then proceeded to invade russia from the south. The game ended after (I think) 5 or 6 turns with Germany taking Russia. This was made without a stack on the eastern front and with the German front line reaching all the way from arcangel to caucasus.

    It was a close call though.
    The allies did land both in Africa and France but too late to capture germany.
    The last event of the game was a desperate attack by both UK and USA against Germany but they could not bring enough troops to win.

    I dont know if it will be possible again but it sure was an unusual sight to see two German carrier-groups on the board!

    We did this to try out if the nice-looking German carriers could be used in a game of AAE and also to try to balance the game with house-rules. As it is straight from the box, when we play, the allies win 98% of the time.
    It worked out well and was a both refreshing and closly fought battle.
    The three house-rules may have been too much if Germany had not built the two carriers, but as i said we were just trying out new things.

    Sorry for the long post,
    I am bored at work 😄

    Kalle Jacobson

  • i cant say ive built an AC for Germany, but i have built an BS.It was a game i won by taking Britain. A surpise for the allies and a little lucky rolling on my part.But, a victory all the same. I finnished the game with 2 battleships, 5 Destroyers and 3 Transports in the Dainnish Sea and 1 tranaport in the Med.

  • I was playing Germany with a friend making an AC every turn for the US, and every turn a First Strike from a wolf pack sent it to the bottom. I think it’s a waste of money until you have a strong hold in France, and then it doesn’t really matter, but then again, the look cool, so the choice is yours.

  • Sorry….i miss read the topic. I thought you were talking about building German ACC

  • Finally got this game the other night. Our German player used his subs to take out the convoys, but he didn’t attack the British destroyer near Canada. After leaving a sub off the American coast, the British have to take it out so America can build sea units, so I was able to use the British destroyer and Bomber from England to take it out, then with America, buy an AC, fighter, and transport or was it a sub, I can’t remember, hehe. Then next time, British can start building transports while the American AC and original and recently bought fighters can sit off the British coast to help defend. Then America was building transports and subs/destroyers to take out the wolfpack cuz they were pissing me off, hehe. Just my 2cents.

  • Dear ANON long post (if you are still out thar),
    What UK,US & SOV players would allow a GER AC to survive in the Baltic SZ after UK1, US1, or SOV2? This GER build would allow for a massive SOV INF overload that the German player could not beat.

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