Bigworld 1942 strategies

  • Im new to playing on the Bigworld42 map, and Im just trying to compile some basic strategies and do-or-die moves for the first few turns.

    Also, if Russia loses Leningrad or Stalingrad, is Russia completely screwed?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hell no on the completly screwed, Only if you lose or take Moscow. Depending on what side you are on. 🙂

    Russia can totally bounce back from the loss of either Leningrad or Stalingrad

    Unless Japan is right there to complete a 1-2 punch.

  • Ive played this game A LOT since i asked that question, and I agree.  Stalingrad is a lot worse to lose than Leningrad though.  Leningrad can be freed by a combination of great britain, Stalingrad is definitely harder to try and take back.  I feel like Germany has to act quick and take a Russian city in the first few rounds if they hope to win the game, so Japan usually isnt in any position to do a 1-2 punch.  Ive also realized its important for Germany to keep a naval presence in the baltic so they can ship troops into Leningrad.

    If Moscow falls and the other allies arent in a position for a major landing in europe, the axis seem to be on the fast track to a win.  Last game I played as Germany where I took Moscow, I quickly overran China and India, leaving the Japanese the simple responsibility of building a navy to keep america east of Japan.

  • Bigworld 1942=best axis and allies ever!

    Although I dont play it on tripleA I use a real board I made. Its so awsome, I have a bunch of house rules for it and added a few more territories.
    The basic stratagy is very simular to the regular game, but because it has more spaces its more tactical.
    thats where the fun comes from, responding to situation you have never seen before and probally wont see anything like for at least the next dozen games.

  • And now I’m an A&A .org Artillery

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    Me Two! 🙂

  • Im in the process right now of making win conditions (even though Ill probably play all the way until all capitols have been taken).  Im judging which territories should be used for victory, or if the whole thing should be economic based.  How do you guys play?

  • I believe I may have VP locations set, along with solid win / loss numbers.  I need to play through a few more games with these rules, but this is very close (if not the) final product.  Still, I’d like some input from you guys.

    The Axis win if they have a total of 27 VPs (they start with 20) for 2 whole turns (they must hold the locations), and the Allies win if the axis have 10 vp for 2 wholes turns.

    (edit: I realize now that 27 is insanely high, and is very hard to obtain and is a pretty decisive victory.  25 seems like a good number; the Allies have to get off of their asses to take away a victory point or two to even things out before the Axis make a big breakthrough on one of the fronts [which will net 2 or 3 VPs, with a fourth probably not far off]).

    VP LOCATIONS: Listed by nation, and also showing how many VPs each territory is worth (1 is minor, 2 is major).

    East Germany - 2
    West Germany - 2
    Italy - 2
    France - 1
    Austria - 1
    Norway - 1
    Ukraine - 1

    Southern Japan - 2
    Northern Japan - 2
    Chosen - 2
    Shantung - 1
    Thai-Malay - 1
    North Philippines - 1
    New Guinea - 1

    Moscow - 2
    Leningrad - 2
    Stalingrad - 2
    Sverdlosk - 1
    Archangel’sk - 1
    Vladivostok - 1

    United Kingdom:
    England - 2
    Scotland - 2
    Bombay - 2
    New South Wales - 2
    Eastern Canada - 2
    Burma - 1
    Egypt - 1
    Iraq - 1
    South Africa - 1

    Western Sinkiang - 2
    Kansu - 1

    United States:
    Northeastern United States - 2
    Southwestern United States - 2
    Widwestern United States - 2
    Southern United States - 1
    Northwestern United States - 1
    Hawaiian Islands - 1
    Alaska - 1
    Central America - 1

    Tell me what you think.

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