• Question 1: Can two units roll attack dice to one unit, because then whats the point in getting stronger units when you can get lots of weak units and have the same amount of attack but stronger and cheaper then that strong unit.
    Example: 3x Shermans are cheaper and have a total attack better then a m26.

    Question 2: How many soldiers can go into one hex, or how many Vehicles and soldiers can go in the same hex?

    Question 3: What is the unit limit in a 100 point game?

    Question 4: Where is the deployment zone on a offical Axis and Allies Minitures map. Example: Tiger heaven and urban combat.

    Question 5: If a unit has one of thoses face up yellow counters (I forgot the name sorry), and gets another yellow counter. Does it get another yellow counter?

    THANK YOU for answering my questions

    Note: I already posted this on avllon hill boards, but no one will reply…  😞

  • Welcome!  Let’s see if I can help.

    1)  The units roll separately.  So, they don’t really get an ‘attack bonus’ so to speak.  They each will have to hit on their own.

    2)  2 units max per side.  So, 2 axis and 2 allies may occupy a spot.  Only one vehicle per side though.

    3)  15 units for a 100 point game.

    4)  Usually within 5 hexes from the side they start on…but this may change depending on your scenario.

    5)  If the unit has a face up disruption counter, then it gets a new face down disruption counter.

    Hope that helps!

  • I’m not sure why rules questions keep getting posted in the Variant Rules section, but here you go:

    Vinius is mostly correct, but made one error - #2) Only one vehicle may be in a hex, not one per side.

    Also, just to clarify on #4: In all standard ‘official’ games you deploy 5 hexes in from the side.

    My suggestion would be to read the latest rulebook, which can be found here: http://www.wizards.com/avalonhill/rules/AAM_RuleBook.pdf

  • Thank you, you guys really help me on the rules a lot 🙂
    Candy for you guys!

  • Oops…thanks DL.  I’m still kind of new to the game myself.

  • @Vinius:

    Oops…thanks DL.  I’m still kind of new to the game myself.Â

    No problem, it happens.

    It might be best to post these questions under the discussion area though - makes the more visible.

  • Another Question: Can Vehicles make defensive fire attacks?  :?

  • Herr Wolfmasterkouga,

    Vehicles can make defensive fire attacks against other vehicles and a couple of units have something like “battlefield awareness” that lets them make DF shots against vehicles that are essentially retreating.

    Vehicles can’t make DF against infantry because infantry can sneak up in the blind spots of the vehicles.

  • @wolfmasterkouga:

    Another Question: Can Vehicles make defensive fire attacks?  :?

    Vehicles can make Defencive-Fire (DF) attacks, but only against other vehicles. Some units, such as the much maligned Italian M13/40 have an ability that allows them to DF vs infantry but this is far from the norm.

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