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    So you are putting a cadet rank above the enlisted ranks???

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    If I say my brother was in Air Force ROTC, does that get me back on topic? :roll:

  • Academy yes, ROTC no.

    According to regulations, were were equivalent to just above the highest grade of Warrant Officer 9which were obsolete in the USAF by that time) and below 2LT.  We had no authority to USE that rank, but it is where we fell in the food chain.

    In terms of practical realities, we all know that a SFC has more clout than a 2 LT, but the 2LT still outranks the SFC.

  • 2007 AAR League

    <according to="" regulations,="" were="" equivalent="" just="" above="" the="" highest="" grade="" of="" warrant="" officer="" 9which="" obsolete="" in="" usaf="" by="" that="" time)="" and="" below="" 2lt. ="" we="" had="" no="" authority="" use="" rank,="" but="" it="" is="" where="" fell="" food="" chain.="">I would be curious to see that regulation.

    As I understood it, the US Navy midshipmen were never in a position that would give them authority over enlisted personnel, period.

    The guidance I remember is that in a line of succession question at sea, midshipmen, chaplains and supply officers were respected passengers who held no command authority over even the lowliest E1.  This was the classic “life boat” question where we would take a random selection of people in the service (or other services) and stuff them all in the proverbial lifeboat, then demand to know who had “command at sea” in the lifeboat.  Chaplains, supply officers and midshipmen all fell into the category of not eligible for command at sea while all enlisted personnel are eligible for command at sea.

    Mind, “respected passenger” can carry an awful lot of weight.  I would hate to be the newly minted PO3 (E4) with a chaplain Admiral as a “passenger”.  Actually the ADM would probably be pretty easy, it is the young energetic types that get confused about rank, resposiblity and leadership.</according>

  • 2007 AAR League

    i guess i probably outrank you all  😉    :roll:

    Sergant that would be….  (i think, not exactly sure)

  • 2007 AAR League


    i guess i probably outrank you all  ;)    :roll:

    Sergant that would be….  (i think, not exactly sure)

    Probably not.

    I got a huge promotion on the 1st of January.


  • We were addressed as Warrant Officers by enlisted personell “Mr. Eicher” if we were not addressed specifically as Cadet.

    Also, the Academies are a bit different from ROTC due to our oaths that we swear day one (as opposed to say a ROTC Cadet who signed up for Military History 101 to fullfil a health and phys ed requirement in college).

    I honestly do not have the details.  I am going based on my training at USAFA in stating where we fell in the food chain.

    Again, we had the rank, but not AUTHORITY.  So we received an amount of defference equivalent to a Warrant Officer from enlisted personell, but could not give orders.

    Also, while I was in Ft. Benning, we had several West Point Cadets doing their pre-seior summer in my Bat, and the enlisted folks, (including the Seargeants in the cadre, including a Command Seargeant Major with a 101st Airborne Combat Patch from Vietnam) SALUTED those Cadets like any other officer.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Hell, we salute cadets.  Sure as heck does not mean they have order authority over a bucket full of urine.

    I am talking Academy cadets too.

    Lets ask this question another way.  If a cadet washed out of the Academy to the regular force, what rank was assigned?

  • I did not wash out to another branch.

    I re-joined after I had my knees put back together.  Academy would not take me back, so I enlisted… PFC due to having completed USAFA Cadet BCT.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Not what I meant.  I understand you had a knee issue.

    I meant generically, if a cadet failed the program, what was the assigned rank on transfer to the regular service?

    I believe the Navy academy made them an E3, gave them a seabag and put them on something big, gray and underway.

  • If I am not mistaken it varies with how far along you are.

    Prior to 2 years completed, you ETS without obligation (unless incarcerated).  Once you accept your Junior Year, you assume a military obligation.  I think you are correct that a C2C would become regular military as E-3, a C1C if I am not mistaken as E-6.

    Of course since I went to E-3 on my enlistment with only about 6 months Academy service, I may be off a bit.

  • Wow! and I was talking about little plastic airplanes.  I wasnt USAF, I was USN.  Thus my obsession with Japan in this game.  Love those naval battles.  Haven’t tried Pacific yet but I should sometime.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    No matter how far along you are, the highest rank you can enlist into any branch is:

    Army - E-4
    Navy, Air Force and Marines - E-3

    To get E-4 in the Army you MUST have a Bachelor’s degree and file an application packet to the promotion board.  (I helped a potential recruit through the process not this January, but last January while I was waiting for orders to go home.)

    As for highest ranked on the board, anyone superceded Major? (Paygrade O-4?)

  • 2007 AAR League


    As for highest ranked on the board, anyone superceded Major? (Paygrade O-4?)

    Yeah.  Civilian.

  • @Baghdaddy:


    As for highest ranked on the board, anyone superceded Major? (Paygrade O-4?)

    Yeah.  Civilian.

    I think I heard that

    before.  :lol:

  • Just FYI the non-graduating C1C convertions to active military as E-6 are not enlistments, so they would be exempt from that rule.

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