OK.. spill the beans!! How do you like to bid?

  • For those of you who play with bidding, what do you like to bid and where do you put them?

    It would be helpful to include what rules you play with since that obviously makes a big difference.

    C’mon, 'fess up! We’ll probably never play each other! :)

  • I’ll even go first…

    My bid really, really depends on my best ‘guesstimation’ of my opponent’s level of play - and of course the rules. However, I do have one golden rule - I always buy infantry with my bid!

    Online I like to play 3rd Edition, Russia Restricted, AA Active, Axis Advantage, and 2-Hit Battleships. My low bid against a good player will be six - 2 infantry in Libya. If I think my opponent is better than me I will bid 9 for 3 infantry in Libya and hope I don’t get it. ;)

    In real life, we play older rules versions with higher bids. My second favorite place is probably infantry in Burma. This will let me dump max infantry into Manchuria every turn without having to swing the transport fleet down south and split up my infantry - maximum concentration of force and all that. It also discourages an Indian Factory.

    What about you guys?

  • Russia gets a battleship in the Caspian Sea, no questions asked.

    [j/k] :wink:

    But seriously, I bid the same exact way as you do.

  • “Russia gets a battleship in the Caspian Sea, no questions asked.”

    One extra bomber in United Kingdom, no questions asked. heehee :D

  • Yeah, that’ll get us both killed! :P

  • Usually I’ll offer a bribe to get the bid up to 6 infantry in Finland if I really want to win :)

  • im so good i dont need bidding :wink: nah actually haent really been introduced to the rule :roll: :D

  • ive never played with bidding, actually never heard of it till i hit these boards. anyone care to inform me how it works? or point me where the bidding rules are posted?

  • http://www.spring1942.com/JAG/Rules/

    Check out Rule #3 and ignore the first paragraph about ranks - that is for ladder play. These rules are specific to this one online club, but the bidding explanation is the standard that everyone uses.

  • way to much fun for me :D

  • thanks!

  • I usually take the bid with 1 CV and 3 FTRs in the HAW sz :lol: :wink:

    :o OKAY!
    :x LISTEN UP!

    AMB & T6,
    How’d you come up wif the 2-3 INF bid in Libya? After AES(T1), do u send 1 INF south(T2) with the ARM or …?
    10 Q in advance!

    I’ve heard of bidding 8 INF in EE or UKR(depending on RR or no RR) for PE(assuming it means Protect Europe). The odds I’ve seen say any less and the Allies win, rather than a 50-50 split.
    Could you give one example each for the 17-18-19 options(I likes it spelt owt fer me). I understand or can extrapolate the rest. A million ARM!

    How’d you come up wif the 6 INF bid in FIN? Does RR have any effect on da bid 4 u ? 10 Q berry muck!

    Olde Soviet joke - Question: Do you know how to tell if a Soviet (now Rusian) sailor was in the North Sea Fleet ? Answer: He glows.

  • Hey,

    Nobody ever responded to this!
    Any input?
    A million arm! - Xi

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