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    The size in the bottom left is good.



    How does this sizing look?

    This is one of the base-set maps, so a full game would require a map twice as wide and twice as tall.  Plus maybe an off-map staging area along the bottom.

    Look at the units too.  The majority are the same size, but the units in the north-east hex are smaller.

    Obviously the tradeoffs more screen needed but with better unit detail VS less of the screen needed but the units start getting scrunched.

    Feedback please.


  • Thanks for the feedback.  As an aside, the images still look different between PaintShop Pro and IE (for me).

    I can do an Alt-PrintScreen and paste that image back into PSP and the IE image is like 20% larger when set side-by-side with the original.  When I zoom the jpg out to about 85% (using the zoom tool in IE) then it looks like it does when I view it in PSP.

    This is obviously an issue with my system or an IE setting or something, but it’s really annoying.  Anyone else have these problems?  Anyone have a few hints for me?


  • For units with names like these:

    Mosin-Nagant 1891/30

    I assume abbreviating them like this is OK:


    Thanks for the help,

  • Is that picture what you have so far?  If so good job man.  Hope you have it working soon so we can all get our AAM on….via email.  :-D

  • Great work Dude  :mrgreen:
    I hope this project of yours will be done.

    BRAVO man

  • Yes, those all are shots of the prototypes.

    OK, here is the download link for the AA Miniatures module if anyone wan’t to see my progress:


    Right now I’ve dropped in place-holder images as opposed to the final “pretty” images like you saw in the screen-shots.  (You can hover over a unit and read the tooltip that pops up to find out what a unit will eventually be).  This is just the first step of about twenty, I’ve got lots to do still.

    To take a look at this module, you will need to:

    1.  Go to http://www.motcreations.com and download and install MapView.

    2.  Go to http://p078.ezboard.com/bmotcreationsgamingcommunity and download the current Alpha executable.

    3.  Install the module (via thge Tools menu in MapView)

    4.  Restart MapView and then just start up a New Game and start drag-dropping!

    Feedback please!


  • Where is the alpha?  :?

  • Here you go (at the bottom):


    It says it in the linked thread but it is worth repeating, place the alpha executable in the same directory that you installed MapView in.


  • I just updated the module again, so if you already downloaded it you might want to do so again.


  • Wow!  I’m using your map module and I must say that I’m impressed, even though it is still a work in progress.  You are working on getting the units with the picture of them rather than just a silhouette right?  Anyways, great work!  I hope we get a big crowd of people playing AAM here, just like AAR.  :-D

    If you need any help with this project, I am all for giving a helping hand.  :wink:

  • Yes, the silhouettes are just placeholders.  I’ll be adding the real graphics is as I get time.Â

    As for help, if anyone is comfortable editing XML or working PaintShop Pro or other image editor then I’d be happy to hand out work.  And of course, I posted far earlier in the thread the need for someone to collect certain images and rename them.

    This is the XML that created the “France” Pallet tab including the two units.  It’s very repetative work, but basically one of those “token” structures nees to be typed up for each unit in the game.  I’ve done all of the Base Set, but there are a lot of units to go in the additional sets.

        <category name="France">          <token token_id="France_MAS_75mm_Rifle" token_type="Image">            <pallet_image>Soldier_70x50.bmp</pallet_image>
                MAS 7.5mm Rifle
              <token token_id="France_Renault_R35" token_type="Image">            <pallet_image>Renault_R_35.bmp</pallet_image>
                Renault R-35

    If someone wants to create the unit images, I can give the guidelines on how to create a consistant look-and-feel with the ones I’ve already shown in the samples.


  • Please take a look at this sample.  I’ve shrunk it down a bit.  I’m really trying to get as much of the map to fit on the screen as possible.  Plus, as others have mentioned, we will need an off-board areas to put the not-yet-deployed units.  My other goal is to try to keep the file size down a bit too.

    Now is your chance to provide feedback, once I get too far down the pike you all are going to get stuck with what I come up with!


    [attachment deleted by admin]

  • Its looking quite good really.  Just remember that you need enough room in a hex for 5 pieces (2 units for each side and 1 plane.)

  • Can I get two volunteers to play a few turns of the Base Set Germany VS USA?  I’ll be uploading an updated module tomorrow.


  • @Motdc:

    Can I get two volunteers to play a few turns of the Base Set Germany VS USA?  I’ll be uploading an updated module tomorrow.


    Im up for it!  :wink:

  • I’m willing to try.  I’ve just got my computer back from the paramedics and it is running much better.  I’ll try to load the instructions from before or you can send me any updated things I need to do top play this way.

  • I’ve uploaded the module.  It has all of Germany and the US and all of the armour from the other powers.

    I have arrows for Move, Attack (I considered one color for each range, something to think about), and Defensive Fire (is this one needed).  I’ve put in the disrupted, damaged, and destroyed markers, both face up and face down (this is exactly the situation I described earlier that will be addressed with a new feature I was calling “Flip”…flipping two-sided counters, but for now you’ll have to use seperate icons).  I have a text comment marker too, though I’ll be shrinking it down I think, it seems too big.  You should utilize the “Extended Text” area of that marker if you have a lot of text so it doesn’t clutter the map (it’ll just place a paragraph marker on the map to let you know there is more text to see).  There is a facing marker, just place it in the hex along the side that is the front of a vehicle (there can only be one per hex, so it seems to work well enough).

    You guys can decide how best determine sides.  You can use the board’s built-in roller for play-by-post.

    Before you begin you should come up with a suggested map tab usage.  Generally you do one for each phase, though I don’t think you’ll need a tab for initiative phase.  Probably need something like turn number, player, phase, and optionally a subphase (Turn 1 USA Move).  Because you don’t pre-declare all attacks like regular A&A, for the assult phase it might be more like “Turn 3 USA Attack 4” and “Turn 3 USA Attack 4 Resolve”.  The point of using MapView is you can be as explicit as you like.  The more discrete steps you capture the better the resulting game file will be (picture flipping step by step through every game for later analysis).

    Don’t forget that there is a “MapText” window associated with each tab to place rolls, commands, instructions, or friendly banter, though there is overlap between what you use the MapText and the Text markers for.

    In the end, these couple of trial games will help determine the best way to use MapView for this game.


  • Wheres the link to the Axis and allies module?

  • @wolfmasterkouga:

    Wheres the link to the Axis and allies module?

    Yea where is it at?  Im ready to battle!  :-D

  • Sorry, it was the same as the last one:


    You’ll need build 17 of MapView, unless you already downloaded it.  (The link is above if you didn’t get it earlier).


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