Everyone try using http://axisallies.meetup.com - already players on there.

  • Hi - My name is Scott and I just wanted to pass along I’ve created a successful playing group in Denver, Co. using www.meetup.com.  If you get on there and type in your zip code and Axis & Allies, it will either show you formed groups in your area or show you who all lives near you that is interested.

    I formed a group last November, people started joining, and we have had 3 in-person games at a cafe here - we had 5 players come each time, so this is working great!

    The more people sign up on their site, the bigger organized community it will get, so check it out and tell other players about it!  http://axisallies.meetup.com.

    If you live in Denver, and want to play, join my group at http://axisallies.meetup.com/56.

    Scott (General Womack)

  • 2019 Moderator

    Do you pay a fee to run that group?

  • Hi - Yes, Meetup.com charges $15 a month to be an organizer, however, you can form / run as many groups as you want which helps leverage the cost, and I usually ask for $3 donations at each game, so that more than pays for my cost.

    While some might shy away from the initial investment, I feel it’s a good impetus for taking action to get a strong group growing.


  • 2019 Moderator

    I ran a group there when it was free, but I don’t get enough out of it to pay a fee.  I’ve met more people localy through boards like this one.

  • Good to know there is an option though.

    Thank you for the resource tip.

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