Fav. A&A game

  • I’m not sure where the best place is to place this poll so I put it close to the top.

    I haven’t tried all these games, but I wanted to buy another one. depending on how this poll goes will determin the next purchase I make.

    Have Fun! 😄

  • I might say Revised, just because it spans the whole globe, and my friends and I play pretty differently. (i.e. switching up the teams, and changing them again when one capital falls for good)

    However, I think Miniatures may be gaining on Revised with a quickness.  The close-in tactics are very cool, if you ask me.  I also like the fact that each unit represents a much smaller force, and thus you’re “closer to the action” so to speak.  😉

  • Wow a whopping six votes. Hold on I want to make sure I counted right. (don’t want a recount demanded).

    I kinda thought thats how it would play out. But I do think that Agent orange makes a good point. Then again I suppose I guess it depends on what you are looking for in a game.

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