• Hey All,

    Here is an intresting topic I have found doing a little reading here. In most of your home based groups as well as the tournaments here there are rule variations.

    My question here is what are some costom rules you or your group have come up With to make your game intresting?

    One rule in my group is INF can spawn on any territory your country had controll of at the beginning of the game (with or without an IC) not to exceed the IPC value of that territory. The reason for this rule is most Melita units don’t come from populated areas. plus this helps all players equally I think.

    Also include your justification for variation.  😄 I think we all can have a lot of fun with this topic!

    Thank you,

    Lost Tribe 04

  • Hey,

    You guys/Gals are killing me! I can tell you are looking at this just not responding.

    Heres another one my group added:

    BB’s get two dice like bombers. We figured this was fare because now that there are destroyers who can also bombard coast lines there no reason to shell out the extra green backs. We also figured that because they cost so much it will put a natural cap as to becoming stupidly ridiculous.

    Lost Tribe 04

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    Post the rules in their entire form. then we can comment on them.

    You just post one idea probably amoung many and its hard to see what your getting at w/o all the other connected rules to see how this pans out in revised.

  • Hey,

    I was trying to avoid posting an entire rule set. Let me restate my intentions a little bit. I think we can all agree that the rule sets are all about the same. I would also go as far as to say that every group has some rule that is unique to them. I’m sure that groups started doing this long before the NA’s came into play. I was just intrested as to how others adapted them for there group.

    I’ll spend some time composing the unwritten rules we have used  probably have them up tomarrow.  🙂

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    Its just hard to see how one idea can work if you dont include the other parts to stitch it in the larger picture.

  • Yeah,

    I see what you mean. Just for sake of discussion lets go with the OOB rules. Then we can add vareations kinda like an addendum.

  • Its going to be to hard to keep simultaneous posting on this topic in two places so any one following refer to the house rules section, labeled rare house rules

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    Lets start with your unit values? do you have any changes in this department?

  • No all unit value stays the same.

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    Hmmm… you got 87 posts in 3 days? huh?

  • My union is on strike as of a few weeks ago. They don’t make us picket unless its at least + 10 F, even then only for so long. I have had a lot of free time going from 82-84 hours a week to 0.

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    I hope we dont lose you once you get back to work. 😄

  • No you can’t pawn me off like a rancid jar of peanut butter; however, I don’t think I will be nearly as active as I am now. Just on weekends I think.  🙂

  • 😮
      I have several house rules, trying to get someone to agree to play them is usuallly the hard part.
          1. Armor can blitz into enemy territory in the non-combat phase, even if it causes a special," blitz combat phase"!
                Armor that have left over movement after their combat movement only.
          2." Combined Arms"; When there are Infantry+artillary+armor+air units combined in either attack or defense, all the units recieve a +1 in combat.
              So, if you have only three armor, then only they and three of each other troop type gains this bonus, irregardless of how many other troop types there are.
          3. Anti-Aircraft guns act as artillary too. Attack at a 3 and defend at a three. 88s’ were a bad ass gun.
                        +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  More later++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    :roll:Crazy Ivan

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