National Advantages

  • In your opinion, how do the National Advantages affect your gameplay?

    which NA do you like best?

    well the reasons as to why i’m asking this is because i bought this version
    a couple of days ago, infact it was on saturday after my graduation from bootcamp,
    and today i played my first game and i must say i like it a lot better than the 2nd edition
    in my opinion its a lot more entertaining especially if Russia gets the NA Lend-Lease, it can make them
    into an offensive monster early on, making Germany go on the Defensive fast

    i also like these NA’s Luftwaffe Dive-Bombers, Tokyo Express and Banzai Attacks

    Tokyo Express and Banzai Attacks give the Japanese some serious amphibous power in this game,
    at one point in the game, I sent an amphibous assault against Hawaii and Alaska, with two strike forces
    the first one(against Alaska) contained, 3 destroyers(with 1 infantry unit) and 2 transports(two infantry units each)
    and the second one(against Hawaii) comprised of 2 Destroyers(w/ 1 infantry) and 2 transports(w/ 2 infantry units each)

    and that was about only half of my naval force, i also had 2 Battleships, 3 Aircraft Carriers(w/ atleast 1 Zero on it), 2 submarines, and 2

    i really like this edition, it gives Japan(my favorite nation in the game) the chance to really be a big naval power early in the game,
    and it also starts with a great navy, i was able to take care off, the British Pacific Fleet and the USN Pacific fleet right in the first turn,
    i had to use the entire Imperial Japanese Airforce to accomplish that, but i suffered minimal losses anyway, so it didn’t bother me

    ok back on topic,
    how do the NA’s change you games?
    and which one(s) do you like the most and which ones do you hate the most?

  • 2007 AAR League

    i’ve only begun to play with this regular rules again.

    i’m an enhanced realism gamer mostly but i dont see how to do that on the net.

    but there is one i just think is ghetto for both game variations.  that is America’s superfortress advantage.  i hate that!!!  how can you shoot them down? they just say its impossible, thats rediculous.

  • Yeah,

    I agree what we did was to put limitations on this we devised a system that works kinda like a golf handicap, based on you game ability. this determines how many NA’s you get if any. Also we decided that you can only use your NA’s so many times in the game.

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    Are you talking about LHTR National Advantages or OOB National Advantages?  Cause there are MASSIVE differences between them. (For one, LHTR buffed the heck out of the Axis NAs and slightly nerfed the Allied ones.)

  • I bet he’s talking about OOB rules.  He got the game a couple days ago.



    My opinion on Out Of Box (OOB) National Advantages:  They make the Allies insanely and stupidly powerful.  Not just insane.  Not just stupid.  But insanely stupidly powerful, you know.

    Just a few:

    1.  Lend-Lease.  Yeah, let me build fighters with UK and US, and maybe a few infantry to fight off enemy invasion.  Suddenly USSR has like 10 fighters around round 3.  What the hell.

    2.  Superfortresses.  Oh yeah, invincible US bombers.  Let me try some strat bombing!  Oh wait.  Let me build an assload of bombers, then roll for heavy bombers and strat bomb.  Yeah, that’s it!  Zomgzorz abuse.

    3.  Colonial Garrison.  Now I can pop a factory in India.  Which means that I can use it on first turn.  Which means that I now have 3 additional infantry or tanks there at end of UK1.  Which is a huge pain in the ass for Japan.

    Most of the other Allied NAs offer stupidly powerful advantages as well.  Mechanized infantry is horribly abusable.  Radar skews the game a lot.  Seriously, most of the Allied NAs are MUCH MUCH better than the crappy Axis NAs.

    Japan:  Yeah, I get Banzai.  So now I’m supposed to switch fronts between China, India, and Yakut - how?  Oh wait, I can’t.  Or maybe I can use destroyers to transport my infantry . . . or maybe . . . oh wait, all these NAs SUCK!

    Germany:  Yeah, I get Blitzkrieg or whatever that thing is that lets you retreat tanks.  Actually pretty decent.  Not AWESOME, but decent.  The rest - do you REALLY want to build an assload of subs with Germany?  Etc. etc.  Sob.

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    That’s why I prefer LHTR NAs

    You still get some pretty good ones with the allies, but you have to use them in conjunction because as stand alones they royally suck.

    Germany gets Artillery and Infantry that defend at a 3 or less.  You think that’s a bad one?  Try invading W. Europe with 20 infantry, 10 artillery there.  Yea. 
    Germany gets Dive Bombers (Attack at 5 or less, add in Jet Power and you can pretty much give up!)
    Germany gets UBoat interdict (this one REALLY sucks for the allies!  8 Submarines = -16 IPC a round from the allies, no risk to Germany!)

  • Hey all,

    Aside from using diffrent rule sets are there any other ways all y’all limit NA’s?

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    Yes, generally speaking, I have found that most players roll two dice for each country and then the allies pick 1 nation for ALL the allies (Russia or England or America) and the axis pick 1 for each nation (Germany gets 1 and Japan gets 1.)

    That results in 7 NAs for the Allies and 6 NAs for the Axis.  Then there’s the bid for more money/units at start of game.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I’ve also seen where you just pick the NAs.  Each side gets 6 picks (3ger,3jap v. 2rus,2usa,2uk)
    NAs are fun.  If you’re tired of the “same old AAR,” NAs make the game much more interesting!

    Japan:  Lightening strike was replaced with Most Powerful Battleships.  Attack and defend at 5.

  • My last three FTF games have been “all-NAs-turned-on-for-all-nations” and I don’t think I’ll ever go back.


  • I don’t debate that NAs add character.  But I do say that the NAs, particularly the OOB NAs, make the Allies a heck of a lot stronger.

  • True… I play LHTR though.  As has been said by someone before - I forget who - , OOB Lend-lease and Superfortresses are stupidly and insanely powerful.

    In LHTR, I think that Germany has the best NAs overall, when all nations have all of 'em active.


  • 2007 AAR League

    OOB lightening strike was taken out because that is super powerful.

  • @Wazzup:

    OOB lightening strike was taken out because that is super powerful.

    SUPER powerful, I disagree with.

    Best German OOB NA, yeah.  But super powerful, no.

  • 2007 AAR League

    It was Japans.  And it can wreak havoc.

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    I’ve never played with all NAs.  I would think that would make the allies incredibly strong, both OOB and LHTR since they’d get 50% more NAs then the Axis. (18 vs 12)

  • Try it.


  • 2007 AAR League

    Crazystraw:  that avatar is hilarious!  How’d you do that/find that?

  • 2007 AAR League

    If someone wants to make a bid for Axis, I’ll play with all NAs.  LHTR style though.  No lightening strike.

  • Actually, that avatar is of an old video game character.

    It was the hero of “Karateka”, a Broderbund game.

    That game was pretty funny.  You fight your way across a lot of levels, and at the end, if you walk towards the princess, she kicks you in the nuts and kills you.  (If you walk towards her, you’re in a fighting stance.  You have to run).

    The character doesn’t bust a move though.  I bet someone decided to have fun with the character.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I thought djensen didn’t want animated avatars on here for some reason?

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator


    That might be accurate for out of the box rules. But I disagree that Joint Strike is a game breaker.

    Odds are you are using Joint Strike to kill a massive German fleet in SZ 5 so you stop getting crippled by UBoats.  Yes, those things are VERY annoying!  Get 10 of them and you’re doing -10 to England, -10 to America and you’ve probably taken all of Africa and Japan has Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, India, Persia and T-J.  That means England’s earning about, uhm, 1 IPC?  America’s earning about 28 IPC?

    After Joint Strike, England’s at 11 IPC and America’s back to 38 IPC.  (Since odds are you can’t land troops AND sink the German fleet.)

    Dug-in Defenders are stupid.  Though, they are useful in preventing an allied invasion of Japan itself.

    Banzai has been pretty effective for me.

    Dive-Bombers are just friggin awesome!  Attack at 5 or less?  Same with Super Battleships, means you almost always score a hit with your bombardments!

    Then you add in Inf and Art defending at 3 or less for Germany and amphibious assaults become almost impossible.

    In return most of England’s NA’s are worthless and ALL of Russia’s NAs are worthless in a traditional game.

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