• Hello,

    I Live In Watertown, New York, Near Fort Drum. I’m trying to start a group with little success. Is There any one in my area intrested?

  • Hi losttribe - I’m in the Rochester area. We have a small group of people that play here, but are finding it harder and harder to play FTF because of schedules, wives, kids, etc. We do play semi-frequent play by email games if there’s any interest in your area & there’s lots of info on this site to get started.

  • Hey Polywog,

    Thank you for your reply. Do you guys in Rochester ever play in person or is it all by email and computer?

    P.S. What does FTF stand for?

  • FTF = face to face.

    Yes, we do play “live” occassionally, but it’s been a few months since we’ve even been able to play a 2 player face to face game.

    The e-mail version we play we run through software called TripleA. It’s a nice graphical map that captures turns, handles dice, etc for e-mail games. Very slick. Somewhere on this site is a link to the TripleA website - I think it’s in the games board titled (I think) PBEM FAQ (PBEM = play by e-mail). I can look it up for you later on today if you can’t find it.

  • Hey,

    Yeah I found Triple A. I had posted a comment in another area asking if players here like the A&A CD-Rom game VS Triple A. Are you familiar with the A&A game Hasbro made for WIN 95/98. Don’t seemed shocked about its age I had it when it first came out joined the army lost it got out of the army and found it at Best Buy late last year so its still around.

    My preference is for the CD-Rom version. I like it better for navigating. Let me know what you think. sometime this summer when the roads are clear we’ll have to play FTF.


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