Invading gray terriories.

  • I think a good rule (or improvement to the Festung Europa NA) would be to give the territories of Norway, Western Europe, Southern Europe and Germany an “AA gun” for amphibious invasions. Every invading unit would be shot at by the gun, hitting on a one. This would be to simulate the massive coastal defenses the Germans built, ones not represented by the pieces on the boards, and make it harder for the Allies to trade these territories. It wasn’t a light matter to plan the invasion on D-Day. The game should represent it as such.

  • 2007 AAR League

    in enhanced realism.  you can use artillery to hit anything you want on rolls of 1, even incoming ships on Amp. assaults.  its great.  if you get lucky you can even shoot out all their transports if you have enough artillery.  its nice to stop an invasion with good rolls.  its the luck of combat, crazy things happen, and your gunners may just be trained to perfection.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I think this belongs in House Rules but yeah that would be a nice thing to have.

  • Im putting together some rules right now to play Europe and Pacific at the same time (some made up, others adopted from different strategy games), and the power in control of west germany (I split germany in 2 territories) has shore guns into the danish sea, acting like anti-aircraft for boats.  This split country and shore guns is made to deter any amphibious assault into Germany.  I wanted the allies to land in france and have an epic struggle to cross the rhine, not just have a ton of fighters and 2 transports of land units drop into germany and end one entire theatre of operation.

  • There was a LOT of discussion on this in the House Rules area during AAHRE (I think tha tis the acronym for it) development.  There are several threads in that area about coastal defense guns, “infrastructure defense” etc.

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