• I love miniatures, I love quick battles, I love reanctments. What I really love are long lasting campaigns. Has anyone attempted to recreate the entire war?

    My thoughts:

    Somehow make a hybrid combo of the A&A minis and A&A boardgame. You have the world map that can be “zoomed in” to play a territorial battle to determine the outcome.

    Start in the late 30s and setup a time scale that moves along as turns are completed. Maybe one turn = one month. and of course you can only play units of the current year or earlier.

    You would also have to find ways to pull off amphibious invasions and this is where the new sea battles will come in….you have to transport your units across water, protected by convoys etc…

  • I had considered that before.  If you do decide to make it happen, then consider this:  I had thought that I tank in A&AR should be represented by say, 100 points of strictly armored units in Minis.  The same thing goes for 1 infantry in A&AR, except I might make it more like 50 points of just soldiers.  I always thought that the units in A&AR were representative of a batallion or a division, so those numbers are really inaccurate, but otherwise, your battles would be HUGE, and in this fusion of Minis and A&AR, a typical game would take about 30 years…  :-P

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    Actualy it’s a bit more extreeme than that.  At the start of AAR spring 1942 the Germans had over 200 Inf divisions on the eastern front in three army groups along with reserve divisions.  On the map that is represented with 13 Inf.  So I’d say just for the easter front you would need about 1,000,000 infanry in a mix of K98s Pz Grenadiers etc.  That’s going to get expensive.

    Oh also by my extreemely rough calculations you will need about 40,000 custom map sections.

    and… a space aproxamately 285 feet long and 142 feet high.

    Of course that’s just europe…

    Good luck, and I would love to see it when your done.

  • If the game is only going to take 30 years, we’ll have to start planning the next one too.

    The idea certainly has some merit though I might think of a monthy game session starting with Sept '39.  Each month play a game based upon a historical battle from that time.  That would force us to use the historical availability rules and might even make me use my burgeoning yet unblooded Japanese army.

    After a year away, I’m looking for new players but my corner of southern Ontario seems to have a bunch of closet purchasers of the game.

  • I am doing A german Campaign in the official WotC forums. Depending on who wins one scenarios, it may lead to another. It starts off with the attack on Poland and goes on, well, almost forever if Germany never loses.

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