• hey.  i have played the revised version for a while now.  and i found that if you buy 2 tanks (10) 2 art (8) and 2 inft (6)= 24.  i think this is a good combo.  it worked well enough to hold off the germans for a while. and it gives russia some offensive punch.  what do you all think about this buy.

  • 2007 AAR League

    As long as you have about 8 inf stacked on Wru, it will work

  • 2007 AAR League

    Some people do this already. But yeah if you attack Ukraine and lose a lot of Inf on R1 you will be lacking infantry so this buy wouldn’t be that great.

  • 2007 AAR League

    more or less always i buy 3 inf, 3 arm…  more mobility…  bigger threat factor…

  • perhaps this isnt the greatest strat but, all always by inf with russia and not much else.

  • what makes a good R1 buy?

    Depends on:

    Your R1 attacks:

    • if they’re a bit risky or go badly, a good buy would cover this risk

    Your R1 EOT positioning:

    • if you are going KJF, you might want the mobility
    • setting up to support/take back india (tanks helpful)

    Your OVERALL allied gameplan:

    • will russia just survive or be agressive?

    You need to measure a buy against these factors.

  • 2007 AAR League

    My personal buy is usually 8 Inf on R1. Then after that I have been buying a tank every turn.

  • '19 Moderator

    All infantry all the time.  Then I am carefull about where I put my arm/ftrs.  When Germany can’t build as many Inf as I can I will consider Armor.

  • 2007 AAR League


    My personal buy is usually 8 Inf on R1. Then after that I have been buying a tank every turn.

    I like this build too, usually 0,1 or 2 arm each turn, to spend all USSR’s IPCs.  This is assuming there are no large battles.  If you plan on  a major attack, you had better be building all inf to replenish your losses.

  • I think you gotta stack the Inf……above all else. You should be buying Inf. EVERY turn…at lest through the first 7-8 turns (I don’t mean Inf. only…but you should buy a LOT of Inf.) IMO

  • 2007 AAR League

    It’s a little light on infantry.  I try to buy at least as many inf as other units.  Some buys I’ve tried in the past:

    1fgt, 1tnk, 3inf-My personal favorite.
    1tnk, 1art, 5inf-Good choice if you’ve moved a lot of Inf east to counter Japan.
    3tnk, 3inf-Not bad, if you still have your original tanks it makes for a good Armored force.
    3art, 4inf-good for defense and trading dead zones.

    I rarely go for an all infantry buy, since russia is short on offensive punch to begin with.

  • I only do 2 inf 2 art 2 arm if I’m going to mess with Ukraine on USSR1 or USSR2.  For that plan, you want to have attacking units on the front real quick, so it’s 2 inf 2 art on Cauc and 2 arm on Russia, all threatening Ukraine.

    If I’m going W. Russia / Belorussia, I’ll usually go 8 inf, or sometimes 1 fighter 1 tank 3 inf.  In those situations, Germany can’t really afford to take anything in a forward position anyways.  If I get 8 inf, I can make my W. Russia stack bigger earlier.  If I get 1 fighter, I can hit Germany’s territories early.

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