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    Does anybody here visit boardgamegeek.com?

    If so, what do you like about it? What do you hate about it?

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    you know i have.

    Its in my top 10 fav sites.

    helps me on deciding what game to buy next.

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    I like aspects about it too. But what do you dislike about it?

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    I think the interface/search mech is a little clunky. I think the way they have things broken down is good but it just seems clunky to actually find anything. Lots of noise and clutter in the layouts too I think. It can be hard to tell if the stuff you are looking at goes with what you are looking at, if you take my meaning. They need a graphics designer’s help but for the most part a cool site.

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    Its hard to GET to see your posts on games (comments). Sometimes i need to see what somebody posted back but i have to jump like 5 screens before i can do that.

    I dont buy into all of those badges… they add nothing at all. The money system is also lost on me as well. Why have it? to tip? who you kidding?

  • There is an old theory that, even with huge websites, “You should be able to get to wherever you want in just three clicks”. It takes twice that sometimes on BGG.

    I like BGG mostly because it’s so damn comprehensive. Sometimes I’ve played a game just once in my life, never seen it again, but I can find it on BGG. The whole site is a little bit clunky though.

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    yea it take a while to load up sometimes. forgot that.

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    Thanks guys. Keep it coming.

    BTW, has anybody noticed a theme in my posts here in the “Other Games” forum?  😉

  • @djensen:

    Thanks guys. Keep it coming.

    BTW, has anybody noticed a theme in my posts here in the “Other Games” forum?  😉

    they’re all surveys.

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    Do I sense a broadening of the horizons?

    I gotta second the comprhensive part as well. Although they could use a little more cohesion between something like Memoir '44 and its expansions or Zombies or similar. It is all there but you can’t really get one list of all the sets and their rankings or ratings. If there is information on how they hang together it is tough to find.

  • I visit BoardGameGeek quite frequently, as I play Euro games quite often - much more often than Axis and Allies which is now only confined to PBEM since I haven’t found people interested in playing it offline.

    Likes: Diversity of games, rating system, diversity and mass of community.
    Dislikes: Clunky interface, as has been mentioned. Very geeky feel, which of course is a given when you consider their name.

    In response to the interface dislikes that others share, FYI I hardly spend any time on the front page of their site. For the longest time I could never make head or tail of it. What I’ve always done is do a search for a particular game I like and start from there, browsing the forums for that game, and sometimes following links to other games. In order to find a new game I might sometimes scroll through the top 100 or top 200 rated games on the site, but it’s rare that I’ll find a new game that way - most often I’ve heard of the game before I look it up on BGG.

    I also see no point for all the badges and gold, but I figure it’s the equivalent of things like forum avatars, post counts, and custom titles here, which I equally don’t care about (I have avatars disabled, and would disable titles if I could). When I ran a forum in the past, I would ban people who would post about their post count. Guess quite a few people here would be gone, then 😉

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    Hey Djensen, checked back in and noticed this… I use BGG to decide what games I should purchase on my limited gaming budget. The thing that makes the site is the people who contribute loads of feedback on games and what you will enjoy based on your preferences, but like Yanny said, it is one clunky place to navigate. I particularly don’t like the geeklist navigation where it always jumps you back to page top…

    That’s my 2 cents…


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