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  • how do you play over the internet?  do you have to have the pc version?  if anyone could clue me in that would be swell.

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    Most of us here play Play By Forum (PBF).  Basically we make a move and post a detailed description of the move in a forum.  Then our opponent reads our move description and makes their own moves and posts them.  And thus the cycle continues.  This often involves attaching game files such as current board maps etc.

    Others play Play By Email (PBEM).  This involves emailing back and forth instead of posting on a forum.  This often involves emailing game files as well.

    Some people play live online (networked gaming).  There are a few different games out there that allow this, but one free one can be found at

    Take a look in the Games In Progress forum to see how we play here.

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    Some still play with the 1998 CD version.

    There are some bug fixes and other stuff, the club is AAWC (Axis and Allies World Club).

    This thread has a post from SUD that has some links:

    But as rj pointed out, most of the play on this site is PBF or PBEM.

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    Also while some folks use their gameboards most use some sort of electronic map such as battlemap or mapview or both in the case of one of my games.

    Here is a link to mapview and a link to a tutorial someone wrote on using it. Mapview is prettier than battlemap. I’m just getting exposed to it and I’m not sure how much “resistance to change” vs “like battlemap better” I’m experiencing.

    I don’t have a link to Abattlemap.

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