Newbie needs suggestions on German/American armies

  • Hello!

    I’m new to this forum and A&A miniatures as well!

    The thing is, i found a good place to buy single minis nearby, so now I would like some tips on what minis to buy to make a German and American army for a balanced/fair game, 100 points each (or less). Sets or historical accuracy doesn’t matter, neither rarity, just as long as the armies make up for a good and fun game.

    The reason is that my friends rarely spend cash on games, so I figured that I could let them play with one of my armies when they drop by. Then, if they like it maybe they will start buying some themselves! 😄

    W.  8-)

  • Depends on what year you want to build 1939 - 1945  Germany has some good years after 1942 (especially armor) The infantry to get would be SS Panzer Gren for Germany.  If you go 100 points it’s a tough call on the heavy hitters perhaps the Panther D from the reserves would be ok.  US has the Sherman of course,  so thats a good start.  Rangers a screaming Eagle have given me trouble in the past.

    Axis Fan

  • If it’s “anything goes” then there’s far too many options. If you want to make balanced armies than try to have it so each army has an answer to the other; ie if one side has an aircraft, the other has AA (either an AA Gun or aircraft). Don’t have a King Tiger on one side and no AT on the other, etc etc.

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