• now im sure that since its newer, morrowind IV Oblivion is probably going to show up… but i really only want to talk about Morrowind III the ELder scrolls. ive been playing this for a while and in my opinion morrowind is the BEST roleplaying game out there. what are your thoughts?

  • I’ve heard that about this game. I tried to  play it a little bit, but its too epic for me. Grand theft auto San Andreas is about as epic as I can handle and I I’ve been playing that for over a year on and off.

  • 2007 AAR League

    that new oblivion is the sole destroyer of weeks. the devourer of hours.

  • Hey,

    I love Morrowind III, never played IV because I still have so much to do in III. For those of you that have played IV is it worth dropping III and moving onto bigger and better things???

  • i love it too. beat the main quest and am moslty collecting legendary items.

    my favorite guild is the Morag Tong (assasin guild) although when you become grandmaster of the guild, dont killl Eno, he’s supposed to give you a really nice dagger. well if you need help or anything…

  • Yeah,

    I love Morag Tong quests. They seem to pay well, considering no one else wants to pay a demi-god what hes worth in the game.

  • well, the pay isn’t much but it helps. i like to be in the 100-300k area. that way, just cast summon golden saint, soul trap, enchant constant on a ring or silk pants/brocade shirt. or even weapons. although i am having trouble finding a fortify skill spell.

  • I don’t like Morrowwind.

    It’s too bland graphically, and collect-y RPG wise.

    Also, funny glitches and exploits mess with the gameplay.

    Also repetitive.

    Hack slash hack slash, search bushes, search weeds, search stones, search rocks, search plants . . . hack slash hack slash . . .

  • Do any of you find it disturbing that there are no children in this world?

  • You should hunt down a copy of Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.  Granted, it predates Morrowind by a full decade, but I used to have fun creating my own spells.

  • @losttribe04:

    Do any of you find it disturbing that there are no children in this world?

    There must have been children at one point.

    My theory is that your character in Morrowwind is followed around by a child-eating monster that induces amnesia in everyone around it.  Hence, the lack of comments about the lack of children.

    Note that said monster also eats child accessories, like child-sized shoes, child-sized beds, and toys of every size.

  • 2007 AAR League

    That map is SO big, I just wonder around endlessly and get bored eventually. I played it on the Xbox btw.

  • The new expansion for Oblivion is up - making the world 25% bigger.  Now there’s even MORE places to get lost in

  • What was your favorite Morrowwind mission, or set of missions?

    I liked the one where you had to find some one in the city of Vivic, and a good ol’ bar room brawl was about to start over a race issue. Every now and again I need to dispence some indiscriminate justice.

  • I played Morrowind, until I got killed by a crab, then I was just like well fuck this shit.

    The new one looks cool though, Oblivion is it called?

  • Yep you are correct. between that and Halo 3 it looks like I got to buy a Xbox 360.


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