HMAS Canberra #1/64**
    Between her main gunnery and torpedo attacks, this heavy cruiser packs a reasonable amount of firepower for her cost. However, this firepower is offset by armour relatively low for a cruiser and weak AA defence. She tends not to last long, especially if harassed by aircraft, so the best tactic is usually to throw her into the thick of things. Thus far keeping her at range has proven to be ineffective; while her vital armour is about average, the low armour will is easy prey for cruisers and some destroyers.


    USS Enterprise (CV 6) #25/64**
    Perhaps the best Allied Carriers in WAS, the Enterprise will likely form the basis of many fleets. To get the best use out of the carrier, be sure to include several dive-bombers in the hopes that the numbers overwhelm your target’s defences and you get to use the Expert Bomber 2 ability. It’s generally nice to have at least one fighter around to protect her or the bombers if necessary, and make use of the Expert Dogfighter.

    Being a carrier, you don’t want the Enterprise to close to the action; keep it behind islands whenever possible but don’t let yourself be cornered. With it’s Survivor ability the Enterprise has a chance to shake off some of the harder hits, but depending on the situation it could just be delaying the inevitable or buying time for your aircraft.

    I find it likely the Enterprise will be part of many competitive Allied builds due to its Survivor ability, and the versatility of the aircraft you can base on it

    USS Iowa (BB 61) #27/64

    Like AAM’s King Tiger, the Iowa has many benefits and drawbacks. Her main gunnery is formidable, enough to make even other battleships reconsider engaging her. It’s extended range of five is an ability which, unlike AAM, can come into play often. Her AA is impressive, though still easily overwhelmed. Her flagship rating is good, and allows you to take full advantage of her range. Finally, Torpedo Defence 1 greatly reduces the impact of torpedoes; halving the damage most do.

    The downside is at 68 points you cannot afford as much of an escort for her as you can other ships; while the Iowa will do fine against surface ships, aircraft and submarines are a threat. Be sure to have at least a few destroyers escorting her.

  • **AXIS


    Bismarck #35/64**
    The Bismarck is a very nice battleship for Germany in the early/mid war period, and while not quite as impressive (or expensive) as the Iowa, she still gets the job done. Her secondary gunnery has a decent number of dice and a good range as well; allowing her to pick off destroyers and damage cruisers from range. Her tertiary gun is more of an afterthought but can sometimes come in handy if she is outnumbered. Defencively the Bismarck benefits from a good AA value and Torpedo Defence 1; there is nothing more annoying than having your expensive battleship sunk by a lucky hit. As Johnny Horton reminds us, while impressive the Bismarck isn’t invincible.

  • '19 Moderator


    In may of 1941,
    the war had just begun.

    The Germans had the biggest ship,
    That had the biggest guns.

    The Bismark was the fastest ship,
    that ever sailed the seas.

    On her deck were guns as big as steers,
    and shell as big as trees.

  • Out of the cold and foggy night came the British ship the Hood
    And evry British seaman, he knew and understood
    They had to sink the Bismark, the terror of the sea
    Stop those guns as big as steers and those shells as big as trees


  • '19 Moderator

    I’ve got that one on my Ipod soon to be on my “Music to War to” CD

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