(Discussion) What other games do you play?

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    People will probably post some interesting games. Please use this forum to discuss those games and how much you enjoy (or abhor) them.

    Here is the link to the survey: http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=8729.0

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    Well where even to begin. I like the collectable card games. They satisfy my need to collect and have it be for more than just to accumulate stuff. I don’t like the cost of playing them and the power creep most of them exhibit. The new version of Trek and now that my job is straightened out is great in regards of timing of sets and size of sets. It is “affordable” as such things go. The designers are managing the line very well and they haven’t made the prior sets obsolete with each new set unlike Heroclix.

    I love the superheroes but it is a bit simple and if you aren’t doing x,y, and z you are out before things get started. Also the older sets seem to be pretty much unable to compete with the newer stuff. Now perhaps that is just my perception but it seems to have a lot of “power creep.”

    I miss Magic sometimes but it is very expensive unless you just want to build one deck. I didn’t really like a lot of the guys I played it with and they seemed to be even less fun at the bigger tourneys. Star Wars (decipher) and Highlander are dead games and I think they were my favorites.

    Highlander had to many promos that were too good and too hard to get a hold of and too hard to even find out what they were to be sure you had a counter to them. Star Wars suffered from being very difficult and very expensive to collect. But its gameplay suited me. You had to play smart and making mistakes would really cost you.

    I have a Backgammon set and a chess set and a game called Pente. Good to get back to basics every once and awhile. Backgammon is great to play with lady friends and so is Pente cause it is very easy to teach.

    I have a Battlecry set that sees occasional use.

    As to the Axis games. BOTB is starting to become my favorite.

  • I was into the CCGs too, about 10 years ago or so. I played everything from Magic, Vampire, Arcadia, Star Wars, X-Files, Dragon Ball Z and of coarse Mythos, which is based on the awesome writings of H.P. Lovecraft.

    Mythos was the best muti-player CCG(3 or more players) by far and the only CCG that I still play from time to time. It does not suffer from power gaming or rule-lawyers looking for a angle to cheese. The only problem was its lack of mass appeal. Its a particular genre and not knowing anything of Lovecraft’s work can take away from the games atmosphere.

  • Please allow me to say, first of all, that I made my own game before I found Axis & Allies. I was looking for a close quarter combat type of game. As such, I i made up a set of rules, movements and scoring, that allows me to use 1/144th scale tanks, inside a city, made mostly of paper buildings, though there are a few plastic models in there. The vehicles move a certain distance, according to road, cross country, or reverse speeds. I use small blocks to measure the distance. Shots are to be fired only if LOS is clear. A partial LOS shot is allowed, with a reduction in the appropriate score, if the tank is in sight. For example, if only the front half of the target is showing, because the tank is coming around a corner. As I learn more about A&A, I cant see why this scenario, cant be used in A&A, as an actual battle within a city. I’d be more than happy to post a few pics, and/of rules, if anybody is interested.

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    I’ve never played A&A Miniatures, but based on my (limited) knowledge of Warhammer, what you are describing is exactly what I assume A&A Miniatures is like.


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    Games like Warhammer both Fantasy and 40K, Mechwarrior and MageKnight from Wizkids are not bound to a set of hexes or squares. The units move a set distance in inches/cm on a table top. Often you must decide you are shooting something before seeing what the range is so you might not even be able to shoot and are out your chance to fire.

    A&A minis, is bound to hexes.

    I personally do not like games not bound to spaces on the board. To much chance for argument and fudging. I was playing a game of the Wizkids Pirates of the Spanish Main thing and the guy would measure out his move per the rules and about half way of moving the ship down the line he would push the ship so it slid just past what should have been the end of the move. He didn’t even know he was doing it -maybe. The slick table top was givin him just a little bit more movement. So I was in a position of having to let him “cheat” or being some uptight wanker.

    I like spaces on the playing field.

  • frimmel, I appreciate the input about spaces on the game board, and its definitely something that I’ll need to spend some time with. But the reason that I chose to use a “Distance” that each tank could travel is two fold. First of all was actual straight line movement for cross country travel, and/or roads that do not follow the layout of the hexes. Secondly, fast tanks, such as the M-18, have a speed that is about double the speed of the average Panzer. Now although the M-18 normally used “Shoot and Scoot” tactics, my thought was that by using spaces, the M-18 could literally run through an intersection, and not allow a shot from the German tank. Simply put. If a Tiger I can travel at 24mph (4 hexes) and the M-18 could travel 50mph (8) hexes, the M-18 could travel completely across the street, and thus , not allow an opportunity for the Tiger I to shoot. By using “Distance Blocks” I could make the M-18s distance, short enough to allow end “end of move” so that it would be in the open for an attack. Then the slower Panzer speed could be adjusted by making its “Distance Block” only half as long as the one for the M-18. This leaves me with many options here that now need to be explored. One of which is, maybe my town should be re-designed to lay out with the hexes. One of the things that I will need to look at is the amount of spaces each tank could travel, and still allow opportunities for attack.  I think that the obvious choice here is to scrap my initial ideas here, and just figure out a set of alternative “Urban Combat” rules for A&A. Any ideas?

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    I would love to see some urban combat rules, I like the idea of playing at that scale.  I had hoped AAMinis would offer that.

  • As I said before, I made this up before I found A&A, so as far as the rules go, other than my simple, “Move & Shoot”,well I have no idea. (I’m speaking of using A&A rules here) But now, allow me to set a scenario…. Just for the sake of this scenario, lets say that the M-4 Sherman, and the Pzk IV were an even match. But typical Pzk IVs had a few heavy Panzers that ran with them, Panthers & Tigers. A Sherman was no match for a Tiger, but by its production numbers, it was likely that a Tiger was highly outnumbered, I’m guessing 30 to 1? In our fictional town, the Allies would enter from one side, as the Axis enters from the other side. the roads are wide enough to allow two or three tanks to travel side by side, and the distance between some buildings allows the Shermans to go between them, but not the larger Panzers. (historical most tanks can go through buildings, but not here) Now imagine that the Shermans were lucky, and destroyed all the Pzk IVs that they had met with, a few Tigers which stand alone. In the open Field, the 88mm gun, and thicker armor would allow the Tiger to pick and choose. But in the middle of an intersection, with 3 M-4s attempting a frontal assault, 2 on one side, 1 on the other, and 1 more headed down the street for a rear assault. Possible? Absolutely. Destroyed tanks are left where they stand, with a tuft of cotton to denote them as damaged. In this manner, they now become obstacles. A single tank, can push another tank out of the way, but does so at a reduced rate of speed, reverse for example. This allows for either blocking a street or un-blocking a street. If you shove about 6 destroyed Shermans in the middle of the road, you have sealed off that street. Interesting so far, wouldn’t you say? Another sticky scenario is if a tank goes between two buildings, its possible that the turret could not rotate, for a clear shot, or to protect its rear side. How about a tank destroyer? Jagdpanther. Good armor, excellent main gun, no ability to shoot other than straight forward. Two M-4s at the front for bait, one on each side at close range to take it out. I think, that an urban combat situation offers loads of opportunities here. Whats your input?

  • i also enjoy backgammon alot. i havent really taught that many other people, but its nice to go back to classics, with reverting to chess. (i beat my dad twice in a row, he always wants a rematch that i gleefully decline)

    ialso enjoy ALL versions of RISK, but godstorm is probably my least favorite, and 2010AD is probably my favorite. (havent tried star wars… it doesn’t look appetizing)

    also heroscape is pretty fun, a freind of mines got it and play every once in a while.

    me and my cousin are also creating a game at the moment, its a mixture of all our game-playing pleasures, you’ll know it when it gets published. thik of a complictaed  HUge game of catan, with  armies that attack each other, and heroes and things like warhammer. im think the way its developing, its like a rolplaying game of conquest.

    HECK YA!

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    Settlers of Catan

    • Seafarers Expansion
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    • visit website regularly?  yes
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    • contribute?  yes

    Yanny, interesting to hear you play Seafarers.  I have all the Settlers expansions, but only ever really play the original or Cities and Knights.  Is there are reason why you play seafarers over the other expansions?  If so, care to share?

    My play group has found cities and knights to be the most exciting and well balanced, with the original a close second.

  • Honestly, Seafarers isn’t anything special. About the only thing that it adds to the game is the gold mine.

    How is Cities and Knights?

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    Cities and Knights is fantastic.  Adds many more levels of complexity, and a bunch more opportunities to screw your neighbour.  Commodities are added, as are knights and the barbarian horde.  Fun fun fun!

    It’s our preferred version by far.  We still play the original if we are introducing someone new to the game, but other than that we strictly play cities and knights.  5-6 player expansions are great too.

  • I actually thought that I was buying Cities and Knights, but like an idiot bought the 5-6 player C/K expansion instead. It’s next on my list.

    I’d have a lot of fun contributing to a Settlers website. I don’t play much A&A anymore (college and all), but I do play a lot of Settlers, Atlantic Storm, and Illuminati.

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