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Can sea units fight land and or air units?

  • Can Battleships and Destroyers fight planes?  Can planes fight sea units?  For example, can I take off from Midway and fight a Battleship?  I know about Amphibious Assaults and Battleship Bombardment, but aside from that is what I am asking.  Let’s say the Battleships are next to a battle, can they fight?  I know that’s a lot of questions.  Thank you for any help.  I could not find it in the book.

  • Submarines do not fight against air units.

    Everything else - transports, subs, carriers, destroyers, battleships - do.  Of course, transports have no “attack” value, but transports can defend.

    A battleship that is NEXT to a sea zone or land zone in which fighters are involved takes NO PART in that combat.  (unless for battleship bombardment, which you already know about).  So if you have a sub in one sea zone and fifty battleships in the next sea zone over, the lone enemy fighter that attacks your sub is perfectly safe.

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