• I know that there are not a lot of maps with cliffs, but this should be considered.  Since it was Companies D, E, and F of the 2nd Ranger Battalion (aka Rudder’s Rangers after their commander Colonel James E. Rudder) that scaled the 100-foot cliffs at Pointe Du Hoc, the Rangers should have the ability to move up a cliff (but not down a cliff).  To do so, roll a d6. If a 4,5,6 then the attempt is successful and the Ranger scales the cliff.  If a 1,2,3 then the attempt failed and he stays were he is at.  Any ideas???

  • '19 Moderator

    I like it, but why not down?

  • Not sure if this is necessary since any soldier can already attempt to move through a cliff (bluff). The Rangers’ Lead the Way SA can re-roll it if they fail, giving them a greater chance of making it.

  • dezrtfish, the only reason I said “not down” was mainly the fact that I, personally, have been unable to find any information about Ranger assalts that started above the enemy.  But, thats my two cents worth.

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