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  • hello, iam new :lol:

    but now to the point, firtst of all your strategy is helpfull, but i prefer to do with the german a line up attaks (all move forward, exept eupen, there you’ll have to get as soon as possible an army (turn 2 or 3 is good enough , this needs that you move all your tanks to eupen and take the 3 city’s there, line your men up to the rivers, and then youll move your men, in a- hex - not hex position, that is that you move on one hex your men, the next not so that the airplanes can’t do you anything  :wink:) but that’s not really what i wanted to say, you can take with ease some supply (mabye you its al ready know or its not legaly) but when you start (with te germans) you can take a few supply’s here’s what to do

    1. move your 18th and 62th volksgrenadier divisions forward to attack the 106th infanterie divison, you can win this with ease
    2. move your tanks (116th panzer division) with a blitz to attack ST. vith
    3. you have now 8 supplys more  :-D :-o
    4. you have now a 4 point victory city!! :-o :wink:

    i haven’t seen this, but please say when it is



  • Most games do have Germany taking St. Vith. Most games do not have Germany getting 8 supply tokens out of St. Vith. Depending on what Allied units retreat from turn one attacks the Allies can consume 2 supplies minimum from St. Vith. If the Axis is unable to evict the Allies on turn 2 the Allies can consume nearly all of the supplies or bringing a truck in can move the supplies out. Germany does usually get a few supplies from St. Vith.

    As to maintaining a continuous line it is certainly a good idea. Eupen is a very important hex but the Allies should put up a bit of a fight there and the other Northern city. As the Allies can bring troops in right on those cities from one of the reinforcement charts and can easily reinforce early on by truck from the Western and Southern getting those cities should be easier said than done.

  • I agree that its not very simple (to take eupen and the city’s), but if they fortify eupen then, verviers lies open for a big tank blitz, and if they protect that to than liege lies open for a big tank blitz, if they then retreat they die  :wink:

    they yust can retreat after one round of combat, so if you kill them in that round of combat, what should be possible if you attack with 3 infanterie and 1 artillerie, only a bad dice can disrubt this…
    2 tanks (4 attack dice) should be able to kill the one infanterie, and if you dont attack the allied tank (part of 9th armourd division, near ST. vith) they can consume 2 supply’s in one turn, if you dont have it then you’ve lost the supplys, because the truck can move it, but you can disrupt this by attack clervaux with 2nd panzer division and the 26th volksgrenadier divison and then bliz with 2nd panzer lehr forward, so you stand yust 1 hex away from bastogne then he will move men to bastogne to defend it, then you still can get the supplys, it won’t be 8 i think but it are a least supplys :-D

    and about eupen, if you stand one hex away from bastogne (explaned above) then they won’t move all men to defend that, there will be a lot of men in eupen, but with the 2nd turn re-enforcements you will be able to kill them

  • A great deal depends on how many Allies manage to retreat in round 1. I have yet to play a game where Clervaux and St. Vith have not fallen to the Axis. However a Blitz into Verviers is to my thinking a questionable decision. 1 unit in Vielsalm and 1 unit in either of the hexes North of Malmedy and south of Eupen stall that blitz and give the Allies a chance to hit your overextended tanks.

    The advantage is certainly with Germany but all that blitzing burns supplies and if the Allies pick their spots right they can hamper you enough till the Air Force can pound you.

    The Axis position looks very good because they are on the offensive and it is easy to kill a bunch of units early on. But as things progress the Allies can pick their spots and slow the whole thing down especially as the Germans run out of trucks and supplies. Being one hex from Bastogne and being in Bastogne…

    I certainly agree that the Axis must make haste but they have to be careful not to overextend themselves.

  • but if you attack the south east hex (where you said that one men would be) then you kill that with 6 tanks (turn 3) then the men from eupen need do defend verviers, so than the both are weaker than before, and if its only the half at eupen than you can kill it easy (with the 6 tanks)

    and about the air-force, if you move your men in a hex-no hex position, that is: you move your men in one hex, the next one not, the next one full enz. because then the airforce can’t do you so much (if you roll a lot of A-A dice the airplanes will die faster than with a few)

    and about bastogne, you can move your truck in turn one with a few supplys to one-hex from bastogne. than the rest will slow down, because not evryone has supplys, but you can’t do enything about that…

    and the thing abaut bastogne was that they needed to re-enforce bastogne, and then they couln’t re-enforce eupen, so you can conquer it faster and

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