The Darwin Awards


    Posibly the funniest sight of real life experience on the net, to me at least. They give out awards to people who have done a deed to Human Evolution by removing themselves from the Gene Pool in a stupid or idiotic manor.

    You should check out this sight, its hilarious. They also have a book, called “The Darwin Awards, Evolution in Action”.

  • it’s always good for a laugh. I’ve been reading this since i was a grad student. That’s why i made that comment about the AZ firefighter in the “fire” post.

  • My favorite winner was as such:

    A middle aged man, who lived in a small cabin ate a dinner of cabbage and beans, and promptly went to bed, in his small bedroom with the door and windows shut. During the night he died of methane poisoning from his own farts. Several of the response team had to be hospitalized after entering his room.

  • My favorite was the 2 guys trying to fish with a stick of TNT, and ended up blowing a hole in their boat and drowning.

  • I read about this on every forum i go to and it bores the heck outta me!

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