Germany: All out naval first couple rounds

  • So of course, the typical German goal is to take Moscow and in ways it is counter-productive to try to fight in the Atlantic.

    However, I think Germany may have such an initial EDGE in the first rounds, that it may be best to accentuate that edge as long as possible(until the tide starts turning, at which point you ditch offense in the atlantic), coming out on top IPC wise.  Any “overspending”(forces that were only a deterrent) will remain useful as a threat to allied transports off of France(10 subs at a minimum,6 fighters and 1 bombers is a very potent offensive force, threatening even a huge allied fleet).

    So, submarine and destroyer for 12 purchase to minimize casualties in first naval battles, also, spend first 40 turn buy on ships.  Second turn, 20-40 on ships depending on circumstances.  From then on, mostly infantry or other land units.  This will cause the allied players to spend much more than 60, and build in Canada and Eastern US seaspace rather than British seaspace.  In the meantime, to give you an edge later, as with this strategy it WILL be a long game, Middle East must be taken.

    The guaranteed 4 per turn Russian convoy is an added advantage.

    Meanwhile, to help compensate some, almost all forces vacate Western Germany to Eastern front(maybe some transport action in Baltic also), as there will be no landing threat for many turns with temporary Germany dominance of the Atlantic.

    I have played and won with this with Berlin under no threat, although the Russian player could have managed his forces better.  I think it could be a viable strat though, even if possibly inferior to an aggressive land strategy.

  • Or you can build a huge navy and invade Britain. I have done it twice.

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