• As any SU player knows, the tanks are awesome as hell.  However it lacks in good infantry mobility (command dependent.)  Thus I have created a build so infantry can move up fast and take good defensive positions.

    Cossack Calvary x4
    T34/76 x2
    KV-1 x2
    Fuel Depot
    Hero of the Soviet Union x2
    Mosin Nagant x8
    Cossack Captain
    Soviet Grenadier
    PPsh x3

    200 points

    The whole point of the build is to have the Mosins riding on the armor to take good positions.  The Calvary is there to run along with the tanks so when the Mosins are ready to dismount, they can displace to another hex since it will overstack.  As soon as the Mosins take a defensive position you can spawn both heros and have a decent defense.  If the tanks are able to, they can turn back to pick up the 2nd wave of Mosins.  While this is happening, the Calvary can harass the enemy at different points. The SMG infantry and Soviet Grenadier will move up to help out in the frontlines.  I dont know if this build is any good, so I want to hear your guys 2 cents of the matter.

  • You need to remove a Hero; remember under official rules you’re only allowed one. Obviously if your opponent agrees to a different limit it won’t be a problem for a casual game. It looks like you have far too many foot soldiers, and I think it unluckly your tanks will be relagated to troop transport status to pick up any more units. This leaves them stumbling along at half speed, unless you want to waste your Cossack Captain on them; I’d suggest a Commissar to lead them.

    The Cavalry is a good, you can do nasty tricks with that tactic such as having Soviet Grenadiers displaced into an enemy hex. The Fuel Depot is alright for the purpose you seem to want it for; I generally prefer fielding more units to take advantage of it though.  However it’s nice and not a high priority target like the Ammo Depot. Speaking of the Ammo Depot it’s usually a must, especially for that many units.

    I would suggest perhaps using less Mosin-Nagants, adding some DP-27s, and more Grenadiers; I find the Grenadiers are usually one of the better Soviet infantry despite their lack of range. If you decide to keep the Nagants, then add a Commissar and a Sniper to go with him for AA.

    I do not like the Cossack Cavalry, but in using an all Soviet force you have little choice. The idea of your army seems fairly good, it just needs a little tweaking.

  • Okay, Ill modify the build a bit to see what good combo I can come up with.

  • How about this build:

    1x KV-1
    1x Commissar
    1x Capt
    1x sniper
    2x ppsh
    2x partisan
    3x calvary
    2x Grenadier
    1x Hero
    2x Deg.
    6x Mosin

    Now you can use your stratedgy, but have the sniper,calvary and t-70’s cause havack while the rest of the infantry is advancing.

  • One more thing about the ‘Bounce Effect’ with the Cavalry and transport tanks:

    The unit being bounced still triggers defencive-fire from the appropriate units so be careful how you use it around flamethrowers, etc.

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