How long do your board games usually last?

  • Believe it or not, I saw a game take place for 36 hours. (only the end). The players played all day, then slept with guards at the board who weren’t playing, and then played all the next day. They called it, after Germany fell.

  • Lol, I’ve played twice, will again tomorrow, but our second game went a good,lol 11 turns. It looked like it was over when Germany took Moscow, but U.K. hit him with the RAF hard in W.E. and Germany. Then I took western Europe, and Germany had thrown all his guys to Russia. He didn’t make it back until U.K. and myself had blocked him off, putting all of our men in eastern Europe. Kinda weird having an army lose their capital while occupying another one…… but the Axis guys surrendered, because they weren’t gonna take Europe back, heh heh.

  • I have played 6 games.

    My first game lasted until Britain fell, about 7 hours.

    My second game was 4 hours.

    My third game was 4 hours.

    My fourth game was another 4 hours (against the same person.)

    My fifth game during the superbowl lasted 2 and a half hours (Allies fell) and

    My sixth game had no clear victor and we called it quits when they kicked us out of my old elementary school (7 hour game.)

    We play with all normal rules besides we play World Domination and Russia doesn’t attack on first turn. The next game we play, we plan to put aside and continue it to the bitter end.

    The longest game I heard of was over 50 hours, and America won.

  • just finished a great game. 112 turns (I like to keep track) 75 hours roughly. I lost, playing Allies. Damn was that fun!

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