How long do your board games usually last?

  • Just wondering whats the average time (turns) you guys take to play a BOARD game?
    Also, whats the longest game you’ve played?
    And, whats the shortest?

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    The last game I played went about 20 hours before we called it. I think it could have gone another 20 but we all wanted to start a new game from scratch after we adopt some house rules. I have managed to find enough people in our area to get a group to gether to play hopefully once a month. It has been my experience that games are rarely finnished usualy one side gives up. I’m speaking of face to face board games of course. Internet games seem to go three hours on average for me. But nothing compares to a five or six (World @ War) player face to face game.

  • Yeah W@W is rough. you can expect most every game to be about 25 hours. World? a 45 turn game can be several days.

  • most of my games last upward of 3 or 4 hours. the longest game I’ve played was about 10 hours if I remember correctly.

  • That was a brutal 20 hours. It showed how difficult it is for Japan to finish off Russia, even when i was making 50 IPC a turn. We should have just stopped at the Economic Victory……

  • usually 2 or 3 hours :smile: I often play allies and try taking germany within 4 or 5 turns, which has never failed me sofar. Then Japan does a kamikaze on Moscow and loses all his forces in Asia. Then they give up :smile:

  • longest iv’e ever played was about 15 hours but usually they only take 3 to 5

  • I just got A&A Europe…but I have not had a chance to play yet…how long does a AA E game last?

  • I’ve found Europe to only be around 4 or 5 hours. I played one game that may have been close to 8, difficult to remember

  • I played a game of A&AE yesterday that took about 6 hours.

  • sorry…didnt mean to post that twice

  • i played a game of A&AE yesterday that took about 6 hours.

  • The fastest I’ve ever played is 4 hour for A&A, and 3 hour A&AE… Those were both in one day too… The longest is 15 hour (A&A) and then calling it…

  • Ha! i beat a friend of mine recently in 3 turns, 2nd turn took russia 3rd i took britain! :smile:

  • That’s kind of sad. Must have been terribly boring.

  • He was trying a “radical” new strategy. That is what happens….

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    My fastest game was a play-by-Email game. I was Axis and the Russians attacked ukraine with every thing available. When the dust settled I still had 1 Tank and 1 Fighter! Russia also atacked Manchuria with similar results. On germanys turn I took Karalia and the Caucasus with no losses. At the end of Japan’s first turn Russia had 4 units left on the board! He didn’t even take a turn for the US.

  • to short to remeber.

  • i’ve only played about 5-6 times but our games usually last 5 hours. sometimes we’re down to one axis and two allies and we just stop playing. there’s just something about the sound of dice rolling at 3am that makes me want to go to sleep.

  • man i like to try out radical new strategies but they never backfire quite that much.

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