• Any ideas on a good German build.

    1941 and under

    20 Units

    1 hero

    150 points


  • @axisfan:

    Any ideas on a good German build.

    1941 and under

    20 Units

    1 hero

    150 points


    I asume this is like for a duel vs USSR? Elite Panzer IV’s and Stugs should do it for armor… we did an Gateway to Moscow sim and I ran 2x Stug, 3x Panzer III 2x Panzer IV and various infantry (I picked more Panzer III b/c it was more historically accurate and made for a bigger challenge).

  • You would be correct.

    I’m thinking 1 elite Pz IV

    2 stugs

    1 88

    1 250

    1 FW190

    some ss PG’s



  • Random terrain or preset?

    You need to be able to deal with T-34/75s, and the 88 helps but depending on the terrain they can easilt avoid it.  If you’re opponent is stuck using SU only units then at least you don’t have to worry about aircraft and can take a little more time to set up the 88. The WESnipers are good, help you against those nasty T-34s. It’s an interesting choice between the StuG III D or Panzer IV D;

    The StuG III D has slightly better armour (4%/8%/12% better… but 83% chance of being hit at long range is still not exactly good), and seasoned crew going for it. However it has less firepower than the PzIVD and fixed howitzer. The PzIVD’s odds of hitting a T-34 are 92%/86%/74% compared to the StuG III Ds 62%/50%/36%; pretty significant especially at long range where the PzIVD has more than double the chance of hitting.

    Panzer IV D x2
    StuG III D x2
    Me110 x1
    Fallschirmjager x2
    Grizzled Veteran x1
    Wehrmacht Sniper x1
    SS-HSF x1
    SS-PG x3
    Ammo Depot x1

    This is going on the assumption there’s no planes; if there is then switch the Me110 for the Fw, and perhaps remove the Ammo Depot.

    Of course, if you want to play something really fun…

    Panzer II F x7
    SS-HSF x1
    Fuel Depot
    Ammo Depot

    SS-HSF & HQ means you should usually get the Initiative, especially since the best he’ll have is a Commissar, and just torch away. Of course I can’t guarantee it’ll work 😉

  • Random,

    Good suggestions by the way.

  • Revision

    Looks like it’s western front so the Russkies are out and the limey’s are in.  Any suggestions for that?  Not too familiar with all the Brits.  All I know is I don’t have to deal with the T34.  Year is still 1941 150 pts and 20 units.

    Let me know thanks.

    PS picked up 3 reserves and got som nice pulls.

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