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    How did it play? Was it good?

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    This is much older than 2005. I saw this as far back as 2000. The people who did this are no longer active on any forums or at best its sporatic.

  • hm…thats chopped up even more than World at War map

    maybe each player now plays as a regional commander

    with the home commander controlling resources

  • This map is indeed old, based on the 2nd Edition and the first World of War by Xeno mainly… Some nice ideas for Oil are included however… And the UK player will have the controll the Commenwealth, France and the Benelux all separately, they do fight together though. As do Italy, minor Axis and Germany. Not played it, just read the complete manual.

  • if you get the chance to play this, someone post their ‘review’.

  • you’ve asked at the right place
    any forum with Imperious Leader on it

    he played and created so many Axis and Allies variants
    its amazing

  • I have done my own borad game.
    I bought a 4 x 6 map and painted it.
    I cover the map with clear styrene to protect it.
    It tooks to week to complete.


  • How does oil work. i read the whole rulebook but it did not say how you would use the oil you collected.  :?

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    rulebook. what rulebook?

  • “the set of house rules” its in the 5th paragraph ifyou follow the link guesss i used the wroung word. or you could just go here(http://www.basesproduced.com/rules.htm)

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    This is a hybrid of Xenos 1939 scenario for WAW. Its allmost verbatum

  • @Imperious:

    This is a hybrid of Xenos 1939 scenario for WAW. Its allmost verbatum

    still don’t get how you use oil.

  • @cyan:

    How does oil work. i read the whole rulebook but it did not say how you would use the oil you collected.  :?

    Here it is explained; (copied it directly out of the house rules file for this map)

    _4.5. Movement

    The movement of mechanized units (i.e., all units besides infantry, industrial complexes and anti-aircraft guns) requires oil.  The movement of all mechanized land and sea units costs one oil unit per space moved, while air units (fighters and bombers) may move up to two spaces at a cost of one oil unit. Unloading a tank from a transport costs one oil unit.

    Example 1: During combat movement, a German tank in Poland moves through Germany to attack France.  Since this tank has moved two spaces in one turn, it uses up two oil units.

    Example 2: During combat movement, a Japanese fighter in Korea flies through Manchuria and attacks Hopeh.  During non-combat movement, it flies back to Manchuria to land.  The fighter has moved a total of three spaces.  The first two spaces cost one oil unit, and the last space also costs one oil unit, for a total of two oil units.  Had the fighter decided to land back in Korea–for a total of four spaces moved–the cost would still be two oil units, because the plane can move up to the two spaces for each oil unit._

    I think it’s clear enough?

  • yes thank you. don’t know why i couldn’t find it.

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    This oil thing creates a game that places limitations on combat which by itself seems historically plausible. However the problem is it also creates and sustains the problem of Infantry push mechanic where the game bogs down into huge stacks of pieces and piece density goes up dramatically. This is what happens when you stifle movement which is leading to limitations of combat.

    thats is why you have to pay for oil so it represents a ‘cost’ to keep attacking. which trys to also balance out the problem created with limited movement/combat

  • Moderator

    The Oil is cool but What if instead you would just add a Oil cost on top of normal cost ie, Tank Cost 5 IPCS and 2 oil IPC’s Transport cost 8 ipc’s and 3 oil IPC’s ETC……  In this way you don’t inhibit combat in any way but if you have no OIL you can’t Build crap that requires it because your having issues fueling what you got.

  • inhibit combat is not good
    but fuel is more related to operation then construction

    so how partial inhibit instead
    so if you don’t wanna spend fuel…
    tanks move at 1
    air units move at 2
    naval units move at 1

  • How about making it, if you don’t controll an oil rich territory, all unit movemt, except INF and ART (they could use horses for that) have only half their movement, and may not blitz.

    MECH, ARM, BB, DD,TP and SS move only 1
    CV,CA and fig move 2
    BOMBERS move 3

    Could also be used in AAR and if defined also AARHE…  Just define oil rich territories first.

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