Transport bridge rules clarification

  • If the US has land units in Britain and moves them onto a UK transport, can they move off in an amphibious assault on Western Europe on the same turn? Would the answer to the question be different if this was happening during non-combat movement?

  • Well, once the US inf had landed in Britain, they can no longer move until the next turn.

  • I said If the US has land units in Britain – the question assumes that the troops are already in Britain, not that they were unloaded into Britain on the same turn.

  • The troops would be loaded onto transports on the US’s turn, be carried across the english channel on the British turn, and then unloaded on the next US turn. Pretty long, not recomended unless you’ve gained air superiority.

  • Thanks.

    That seems like a reasonable answer. However, I’d really like a rules or FAQ reference that supports it. Do you have one?

  • Page 16 of the second edition rules, third column, second to last bullet:
    “Your Transport can carry units of your alliance. These units must board on your ally’s turn, they must move on your turn, and they must be unloaded on your ally’s next turn.”

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