• :roll: Ok so I’m new to Axis & Allies, but I do wargame with a game of my own design, my question is… What scale vehicles are use in A&A?

  • I wanna say 1/15 check out the starter set rules I know its in there

  • Thank you axisfan…. I think that you are saying 15mm, but what scale is that? The reason that I ask is, my game uses 1/144th scale tanks in a like scale village, for detailed one to one, close quarter combat. As I had designed this, prior to my finding A&A, I wonder if I can use A&A vehicles in my game. Also, after seeing the huge amount of scenarios and details of A&A, I wonder if I have just wasted my time. In 144th scale, one inch would equal 12 feet. So has anybody measured their vehicles? And can they approximate their scale for me? I’m very interested in acquiring more vehicles, and after learning more about A&A, I would be willing to share what I have. Thanks again.

  • Apart from a few errors, I believe they’re all N scale or close enough to it. I’ve been trying to find some Trucks of that scale for use in our games, though unfortunately the only ones I’ve found are quite expensive.

  • Thank you Der Leiter, thats what I was hoping for, as I have used a few N scale (1/160) buildings in my village.

  • Just a thought:  I saw 1:144 tanks at walmart and they where very nice.  Panzer IV H,
    M4 Sherman, Tiger, King tiger,panther, M18 hellcat

  • The Walmart tanks are exactly how I got started. It was after I bought a few, made up some rules, then built the village, that I stumbled upon som A&A vehicles on e-bay. A bit more searching, then I found this site. I also have a few Can-Do models in there, as well as a scratch built V-1 Rocket. The V-1 can be an interesting topic in itself. As I learn a bit about the rules and procedures, maybe I can figure a way to implement it into the game.

  • Here’s a shot….   A scratch built V-1 Rocket, Tiger I & Tiger II from Walmart, Destroyed house from paper terrain, and a scratch built church.

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    That V1 is pretty sexy, the buildings are sweet as well.

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