Strategic bombing of captured industrial complex?

  • I’m new at A&A Europe, and I have a question regarding strategic bombing.  Today as the German I captured Leningrad.  My two sons promptly announced that they were going begin strategic bombing of Leningrad, since the industrial complex there was now mine.  That seemed wrong to me, but as far as I could tell it wasn’t specifically addressed in the rules.  (The rules mention bombing of an “enemy” industrial complex, and describe without limitation moving bombers into a territory containing an industrial complex as part of an SBR.)  I let them bomb away, but is an SBR against a captured industrial complex legal?  If not, where in the rules or elsewhere is the prohibition?

    – Froggy

  • It was a legal move.

    If you own it, your enemy can bomb it 🙂

  • Thanks for the quick answer.  I can accept that it was legal, but can it ever be right for sons to bomb their own father?  Well, I suppose that it’s all my fault, since I attacked first.

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