• This was about to come up in the game I just completed with Mojo (if he had not been diced on his attack, it would ahve come up on Japan’s next turn).

    Can you fly EXISTING FIGs to a newly built AC that is dropped in a hostile sea zone?

    Reasons for Yes:
    You can leagally build the AC in a hostile SZ, and the rules allow you to land existing FIGs on the new AC

    Reason for No:
    Those existing FIGs entering the hsotile SZ technically are doing a COMBAT move since they are entering a sea zone with enemy units (which they should ahve to engage).

    Obviously this is a question relative to LHTR, since in OOB for a FIG to land on a newly built AC it flies to the space with the IC and THEN is shifted to the AC instead of flying directly to the AC in NCM.

    Looking forward to either discussion, or somethign definative that I have missed in the rules being posted…

  • I would contend that it is a can do. It is in the spirit of placing the FTRs on the just built AC. Placing units in the SZ isn’t a “combat move.” All units are not present during mixed force attacks. That same “logic” could be applied here.

    To throw out some geography the battle could be in San Diego harbor and the new AC coming out of a dry dock in San Francisco. To risk going to home rules land how many ships constitute a blockade? Greater than X enemy units you can’t. Less than X you can?

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    Wow, that’s a toughy.

    I would say yes.  The reason being is that Aircraft Carrier is stocked with the fighters while in dry dock and then put into the water with them already on board.  Thus the enemy navy would find the now floating, stocked Aircraft Carrier and engage it, or run away.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I would say yes, simply because the fighters are moving into the sea zone during non-combat.

  • I agree with U-505’s reasoning.  The combat phase of that turn is completed prior to unit placement.  The hostile forces still have the option to engage or remove themselves from the disputed sea zone during their turn.

  • So basically, since you can BUILD in a hostile SZ, you should also be able to NCM into it, at least with FIGs to land on newly built AC’s.

  • @ncscswitch:

    So basically, since you can BUILD in a hostile SZ, you should also be able to NCM into it, at least with FIGs to land on newly built AC’s.

    I would say only with FTRs to land on a new AC but that seems to be the opinion thus far.

  • LOL, I was going to Devil’s Advocate and see if the same logic would allow OTHER naval units to NCM in as well :-P

  • I saw that coming from someone.  :-)

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    As I said, the way I see it is the fighters are landing on the mainland and being loaded on the carrier prior to it launching into the sea zone.  Last I checked, destroyers and submarines arn’t loaded on carriers. :)  So no, you couldn’t NCM other naval units in.

  • That is kind of a hybrid view of OOB and LHTR Jen, but it makes sense… FIGs loaded prior to launching of AC (or immediately after)

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