When you call off an amphibious assault…

  • …arent you supposed to leave the transports with the units inside in the sea zone they wouldve attacked from?

    All of the units I was using to attack the enemy units outside the landing zone were destroyed, and now Im not sure what to do with the transports I was using for the land units.

  • Well, those loaded TRN’s were actually present for the naval attack.

    So, if you have lost your offensive naval units, and the defender still has naval units, then all of your TRNs are either sunk, or have to retreat 1 space back in the direction they came form.

  • Thank you.

    The counter ended up being pretty embarrassing, 2 submarines were killed by 2 transports.

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    I sure hope you pulled the carcasses of your submarine captain’s out of the water, tore their heads off and put them on pikes at the naval yards as a warning to the next sub captain.

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