• Hi everyone,

    Just a quick technical question please:

    I know that Sea Zones 20, 21 and 25 (on the left hand edge of the board) wrap around to connect with their respective Sea Zones 54, 43 and 42 on the right hand side of the board. My question is: do these Sea Zones connect diagonally? In other words does it count as one move to move from:

    • SeaZone 20 (on the left hand edge) to Sea Zone 43 (on the right hand side of the board); OR
    • Sea Zone 42 to Sea Zone 21?
    • (Any the other diagonal combinations….etc…)

    Also, on another note I just wanted to advise that HASBRO sent my friend a letter saying they could not send him any INF units (Revised Edition). Does any one happen to know if there is anywhere else where I can buy them or is there anyone on this forum that has spare ones they are happy to sell??


  • No, there are no diagonal linkages across the board.

    The letters (A to E) were put on the board boundary to show straight line connections from left to right side of the board.

    You can’t move diagonally anywhere else, so you can’t at the board wrap either.

  • Thanks ncscswitch.

  • No diagonals.



    It’s strange that they don’t have any infantry they can send him.  I would think he would at least be able to BUY the pieces.

  • I know they shorted me on INF when I ordered my triplicate set over the summer.

    Perhaps they were not shipping pieces in an effort to boost holiday sales, and will resume shipping in March or so…

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