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  • I vistited these forums a lot lately and hardly any discussion on Axis and Aliies Pacific, maybe there aren’t a lot of players but I think it would be fun to exchange some strategies for this.

    I have to go now butt I’ll post mine later.

    Apres nous le deluge. Louis XVI

  • Oh yes, Pacific is fun to discuss. I won the last two games I played, first as allies, then as Japan. The way we play, Japan almost always win purely due to victory points or the allies win because Japan overextends in the pacific and loses too much navy. We’re gonna play tonight. There may be four players though, so it may have to be Europe tonight.

  • Pacific is a fun game. I love playing Japan. I usually can win by victory points. I get 3/4/4/4/4/4 victory points a turn and win. Or US takes enough from me that I never attain that goal.

  • I’ve only played a couple of times and am still learning the ropes as Japan, I can usually get 3 VPs on the first turn (unless I have unusually bad dice roles, remembers the infamous tank incident). I also try to take out as much of the US fleet as I can. But lately the British have been giving me troubles. I think I should ignore China a little more and focus a little more on protecting Southeast Asia and destroying the british fleet before it becomes more cohesive.

  • I think that the most crucial advantage the Japanese have (except for the first turn advantage) is the ability of destroyers to carry one infantry. It is also the easiest to forget. Many are the times I have played as the allies and had to bite my tongue to keep from reminding my opponent of the havoc he could wreak if only he used his destroyers and transports in better coordination.

  • i agree axis and allies pacific is a great game. Not as good as axis and allies but better than a&a europe.i think jit deserves more discussion

  • I haven’t played very much against experienceds players on pacific yet, but with Japan I allmost allways (4 out of 5) take 4 vp’s

    Once more I gotta go, I’ll be back!!

  • I fand that A&AP is almost to eaasy to win as Japan. Forgeting VP’s and just bullheading into India seems to work everytime. I just use my CV’s to distract US/Australia, land forces punch through Asia, and I ignore China. Too much hassle for not enough gain.

  • The one thing I really like about pacific is how there aren’t a lot of experienced players so every game seems to be up for grabs.

  • I don’t know but I’ve been thinking about a way to take Australia, or at the very least make it just about impossible for the U.S. to get to Japan before VP victory. What you do is put a bunch of infantry and fighters (for CAPs) on the Pacific islands within bombing range of Japan. While you build this up you move the majority of your fleet toward Australia and cut off the Naval Yards around Australia as quickly as possible, buying more time against any U.S. incursions. I don’t know but I think that Naval Yards and Air Strips can play a much larger role in Pacific that most people realize. One can clearly see naval alot of different naval routes manifest. I’m not saying that any of this means anything but I’m just posing it for some thought.

  • You’d have to keep a steady stream of transports heading south, and with such long convoy routes from Japan to say Papua (where I would launch an attack against Australia from) you’d also have to invest heavily in a navy to protect them all from the constantly expanding American fleet. Your operations in Asian would also stagnate, losing you even more money and (horrors) allow the chinese to produce sevral more infantry per turn; with increased output the Chinese could easily reinforce the rest of the mainland before you manuvered your transport fleet to within striking range. That’s just how I see it happening, I’m probably too much of a pessimest sometimes. I think this strat could be modified with great results, though, it might take a little time and effort.

  • I just played a solo game to test it and it doesn’t really work. I did make a thrust on Northern Australia on turn 2 from the Philipenes, which drew the americans south, isolated half the Aussie army on New Gunea, and slowed the infantry dump in India. But I don’t think that it is possible for the Japanese to just go out hunting for Australia, put I think that fake thrusts are very, very, valuable. The reason that I thought that this could work was I still thought that you couldn’t build ships in Hawaii, a couple of nights ago I read a post by AH on a forum that you could so that scraps the value of those three south Pacific naval bases.

  • the problem with the game clearly is vp’s. I usually alter the game by eliminating them , increasing japans ipc’s a little and gining ipc value to all chinese territory. it makes for a much more interesting and longer game.and to whoever said he wins by rolling over india please. from turn 1 China should move its infantry (this is w/ reg rules) into british territory in defensive support. japan then will have to ignore Aus to finish conquest all the while the U.S. is steaming towards Japan with a bunch of crazed marines. Semper Fi todays a good day to die.

  • When I see some of my friends play, they will remove Victory Points (the cheap way of winning they call it) from the game. Instead, they’ll balance the sides by supplying Japan with a large base income and strengthening Japanese positions on the mainland. Also 1 Allied Capital (raised to 2) has been changed to insure that this advantage does not permit the Japanese to be reckless and go all out in trying to take India.

  • agreed but what # for japan and do you give IPC value to chinese territory and how much?

  • It’s been posted before, but may be relevant to these latest modification suggestions: a relatively simple mod to balance things is to move japan’s VP counter at the end of the whole round instead of at the end of Japan’s turn. Thus to keep its gains, Japan has to think even farther in advance.

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