Extra bits and not enough bits - what am I missing.

  • Hello, I’m on here for the first time, and though I am not normally considered dense, I am having a hard time figuring out why after set-up I have lots of extra pieces in some cases, and not enough in another.

    Specifically, and this is illustrated really well on page 5 of the rule book, Germans have a pile of Artillery that will never be used. They are not in the initial set-up, nor are they in the reinforcements. Why are they there? With all the extra INF, I can see using them to split INF/Chip combinations, but the extra ART and the 2 extra tanks are a mystery. What have I missed.

    Similarly, there are a number of extra bits for the Allies – the Brits have 2 extra tanks and, I believe, 3 extra ART (note: there appears to be a typo on the Brit Reinforcement board on page 9 in that it show Zero Artillery for the Brits! The actual board differs.)

    And so on. But then, the US INF appear to be 2 short. There are 22 figures called for in the initial set-up and reinforcement board, but only 20 green fig’s provided. Sure, after the first turn they will be available, but it still seems strange, and, it doesn’t allow much early INF/Chip splitting of forces. Not that you’d want to.

    So, I feel certain I must be missing something, since I scoured this and other sites looking for a mention of this and not finding anything. Can anyone tell me if I’m crazy or sane, and the reasons therefore?

    – rob d.

  • Welcome:

    your correct the game is missing 2 american infantry but has a few extra pieces in other depts.

    Its nice to know that AH has a guy who can count beans.

    however other have complained that they are not short but have too few extras. I have 2 copies and both are missing 2 americans.

  • your correct the game is missing 2 american infantry but has a few extra pieces in other depts.

    Great news, I’m not crazy. But 12 extra German ART and 2 missing American INF! Quite the disparity.

    – thanks much for the speedy reply.

    – rob d.

  • My set is also two US INF short for the reinforcement chart. Usually the Axis destroys one on the first turn and you can fill 'em in.

    I suppose it is more a question of how the pieces get packaged at the plant. To get the 2 US INF they would have to give you significantly more US INF than is required.

  • this same bullcrap occured on my D-day game… missing infantry. Its allmost like a sick joke when you have a huge company making games and they cant even properly count how many infantry are supposed to go in the bag. They are such idiots to make the same mistake in TWO different games… they should fire the guy who is responsible for this. It makes AH look like dummies.

    Why is it so hard just to count howe many items the game requires and make like 2-3 extra units of every type? Just add 2 to every total.

  • Now I don’t think this is a good excuse myself but an understandable one. I’m saying that the machinery that bags the pieces can only bag it in such a way as you end up with two bags but only need one bag plus 2 pieces. Make the games 2 short or give 'em basicaly an extra bag or re-tool. It seems likely that that sort of thing would change the price point of the game.

    They are in business to make money and speaking for myself the two missing INF (actually I didn’t count all the pieces so I don’t know that I am short of what they said they were selling me) from D-Day weren’t so big a deal that I didn’t buy this game and it doesn’t sound like it detered you either. I’m not saying that is right, just saying.

  • Yea but its so unprofessional to make games and not have whats necessary to play. And the fact this happens in two games of the same line is unbelievable. Its true that i can easily find extra men, but those who dont even own other AA games…. that first impression of AH is not gonna be good. It just reflects poorly on the company thats all. I am thinking of those people.

  • It does certainly create the perception that you don’t have what’s needed to play. And I know I wouldn’t want something that is very small to color impressions of the game. Has anyone counted the sets down to see if the number of pieces is the same as what the box and rule book says there are?

    I take less issue with the 2 INF I can’t immediately put on the set up chart than I do with the fact that the Revised set seems to be seriously shorted on Japanese tanks and inf. Doesn’t seem to ever be a game where we’re not fudging that some way or another. Guess I’m going to be printing out one of those order replacement pieces forms soon.

  • This is what i counted

    Axis          What it should be        what it is          you need            Â

    INF                  23                           23                    12 (10 chips under it brings it till 22)
    ARM                16                           16                     15 (chips under it (you’ll need the 16))
    ART                23                            23                    11 (no chips under any)
    Trucs              6                              6                      4 (2 for captured trucs)
    FTRs                3                             4                      3 (4th one never needed)
    Bombers          1                              1                      1

    Allies (USA)

    INF               20                           20                         22 (with chips under it)         
    ARM              12                           12                       10 (with chips under it)
    ART               17                           18                       10 (no chips under it)
    Trucs              12                          12                       7 (4 for to capture and 1 for nothing)
    FTRs              6                             6                         6
    Bombers         2                            2                          3

    Allies (GB)

    INF               4                             4                          4 (one chip under one men)
    ARM              4                            4                          2
    ART              4                            4                           1
    Trucs             -                            -                             -
    FTRs             3                            3                            3
    Bombers       1                            1                             1

    This is what was in my box i think it will be for evrybody :wink:
    i haven’t counted the chips and the supply’s

    conclusion as axis you have 12 artillery to much and 1 FGT the other can be needed
    As USA you have 2 INF short and 1 truc to much and the rest can be needed
    As GB you have 3 Art to much and 2 Tanks to much

  • @frimmel:

    Guess I’m going to be printing out one of those order replacement pieces forms soon.

    Just got my letter from hasbro saying I’m denied on my 1 set of spare parts for revised. …out of “stock” or something to that effect.  :cry:

  • I bet the out of stock bit is the motivator for the deluxe discussion over at Larry Harris. They are at the point of having to go back to print with Revised or create a new game perhaps?

  • deluxe? I’m intrigued.

    I don’t have a good felling for what production volumes might be for the AH games, but since they are still carried at tos-r-us and other chain stores, I suspect they do short, high-volume runs and then change lines/tooling to other product lines, only switching back when necessary. I may have caught them at the end of one of these cycles.

  • There is a link on the main page here to the discussion. It is entertaining to say the least. If you like the house rules and variants forums you will be right at home in the discussion. Chime in on what you want. Mr. Harris checks in often. It is a great chance to have your voice heard.

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