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    Kinda what I was thinking.  If you station 3-5 infantry in a territory (if you have sufficient income differential) you can deplete enemy forces faster.

  • @froodster:

    Well Jenn you’ll just have to try your 3 Inf recaptures in our game, and see how they work - it’s something I’ve been thinking about too, and Darth has started doing it in my game with him. I can still retake, but it does require a bigger commitment than a 1 Inf garrison.

    If you stick 1 infantry in each of 3 territories, if I attempt to counter with 1 infantry and 1 fighter each, there is an excellent chance of one or two of the battles failing.  If I attempt to counter with 2 infantry and 1 fighter each, there is still a decent chance of at least one battle failing.

    If you stick 3 infantry in 1 territory, I can use 4 infantry and 2 fighters, and there’s a good chance that the attacker wins.  With 3 fighters, or 5 inf, there is an excellent chance.

    So I can either be forced to send 6 inf 3 fighters for a lot of somewhat risky battles, or 4 infantry 2 fighters for one low-risk battle, or even send 1 more infantry or fighter in the latter case for almost certain success.

    There are times and places to put more than 1 infantry in a lightly held territory, but I wouldn’t recommend it as general practice.

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    Yes, but Paint what if you put 3 infantry in Kazakh, 3 in Novosibirsk and 3 in Evenki.

    Now does Russia engage all three?  Two of three?  One of Three?  or none because they can’t afford too? (Normal, games, no abnormal things like Russia has Norway, W. Russia, E. Europe, Balkans, Ukraine and Belo, etc.  Normal, they might have W. Russia, maybe Karelia, but that’s about it.)

  • If russia is looking at 9 infantry to the east and presumably some german threat to the west, they probably won’t be attacking much. On the same token, it would almost be better to garrison with nothing assuming you want to draw the russian forces out & be the one to attack on the next round. 1 infantry garrison is probably a just a waste - too much to sucker out units from russia, not enough to prevent an easy committed attack…

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    Empty territories just get blitzed into and out of by Russia for free cash.

    The idea here is to stack the territories where they have to either attack with significant resoures or yield them permanently.

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