Dad & Son: "must have units" question

  • I just signed on today! My 10 year old son and I are starting this game (we have the base set and 1 booster). Here’s my newbie question:

    Is their a “must have” list of units, or should we just collect what appeals to us? Browsing the web reveals there are lots of scenarios online. Is it best to pick scenarios we’d like to play then hunt down those units? Or do you find patricular units cropping up time and again?

    Thanks in advance…we’re excited about venturing forth with A&A minis! :lol:

  • IMO these are the must haves for each nation (rares only.)


    KV-1 (awesome tank with great armor, damn hard to destroy)
    T-34/85 Guards (nice fast tank with great armor and good AT dice)
    Sturmovik (plane decent AI and great AT attacks)


    Churchill Crocodile (heavy armored tank with flamethrower, very hard to destroy)
    Spitfire (damn fine fighter plane, this plane owns the sky)
    Churchill AVRE (good obstacle destroyer, good for an offensive)


    Veteran M4 Sherman “Rhino” (a tank with great manurability)
    P-51D Mustang (damn awesome plane)
    M7 105mm Priest (need heavy bombardment?  look no further)


    SS Panther (its a monster of a tank, gives me a nightmare as Russians)
    Veteran Tiger (another monster tank)
    ME-109 (isnt that great compared to other fighters but its vital in a German army)
    Stuka (awesome tank buster)


    All their rares suck ass.  Their good units are infantry.  However if you still want to collect the Japs, then any rare is gravy.

    Also, if you are looking to enhance your game with your son a bit more later on, then you might want to consider looking into 3-D terrrain.  It makes the game look more realistic and fun.

  • As the Germans go

    I would suggets the SS Panzer Gren (If you are ok using SS units)

    and you need a Commander SS haup

    Mechs right on Japanese

    Axis fan

  • It all depends on what you want to do with the game: play it casually or competitively, historically or more ‘anything goes’.

    A lot of the units that appear bad aren’t when you look at them with the proper perspective. For example if you’re playing a Battle of France - 1940 game, the Renault R-35 tank is very good. But once you start playing 1941+ games, or a game without year restrictions it’s pretty bad.

    Some like the Me109 MechanizedWarfare listed aren’t that good if you want to play a standard game, but are staples of historical games; the Me262 is the opposite - great for the standard game, but not so much for the historical one (seeing as Jet planes at this level is a little silly and all…)

    The two units any even semi-competitive army should have are: An Ammo Depot & a Hero (And something to take out the enemy Ammo Depot…)

    For a standard/competitive game these are some of the best units:

    Veteran Tiger
    Grizzled Veteran

    Screaming Eagle Paratroopers
    Intrepid Hero
    KV-1 & Cossack Captain*
    Veteran Rhino

    • Yes technically two units, but they’re always found together.

    Set I (Base Set) Review
    Set II (“Eastern Front”) Review
    Set III (Contested Skies) Review
    Set IV (D-Day) Review
    Set V (Reserves) Review

  • That’s great info, thanks everyone!

    Max and I played through a short game tonight. It was only when I played solo after he hit the hay, that I really grasped the rules. It’s actually a nice blend of skirmish and area style games. Positioning is oh so important. When I rush in I get slaughtered ‘cause I don’t realize how much damage those tiny pieces of plastic are capable of. I’m lovin’ it so far!

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